Monday, November 9, 2015

Her little deal of shutting off my phone and it's number. I got to church yesterday and the head of the Communion team came straight up to me and asked me about my phone number? I tried to call you....... I'm sorry, without going into the story - at all - of how I lost that number - I had to change my phone number. The new one only has one number different, the last number is a 6 instead of a 7. I'm sooo sorry about that. Who else I have given my number to that I didn't get the change to? It's not like anyone I have discussed this with said, gee, isn't that wonderful she shut off the phone and you lost your number? More like, dude, that totally SUCKS. I'm trying to warm up to the idea that my church home is - 40 miles away. I LOVE the preaching and also the worship - I just wish their worship portion of the service would go on just a little bit longer. Christmas this year - is going to be very different than what it was last. I spent last Christmas with Val and her kids. I had a splendid time, the kids did too. She - acted like she was having a good time but later came back and told me how awful it was for her for all kinds of reasons not related to me - well some of it was - but all steeped in her very warped past. Not much of anything I did was pleasing to her. Or happy, or joyous, or anything good. Her past dictates her present and how she perceives things. But still, it was fun - that day anyway - because I was determined that it was going to be a good time regardless of how she was going to get about it. This year - I may just be back in Phoenix. Maybe not. I dunno. Just airfare. Thanksgiving off the wall for airfare. Christmas not much better but a little because still a bit off. I have to make up my mind quickly. I don't think I'll do Black Friday this year, at least not at the stores. I don't really need to get stuff. I do wonder when my son is returning to Phoenix, though. I would like to visit when he is there. Actually, pretty much mandatory: I will only visit if he's going to be there unless his return time is going to be well into next year. I think they are doing Thanksgiving at someone else's place this year - here that is - so I am either going to have to find some place to go to enjoy a meal with other people - or do it alone. In my mind, Thanksgiving isn't a holiday to do alone. It just - isn't. Well whatever. I'ma take a couple days off Thanksgiving week and going to put in for the entire week of Christmas off. Regardless of whether I have anywhere to actually go or not, I want that time off. I'm tired. I woke up at 2:30 am last night and it was around 5 am I got back to sleep....I get a mind full of thoughts and it's hard to turn it 5ish am. Yean, alarm goes off, got up, turned it off, turned on a light and had to go lay back down for a while to wake up enough to get moving. So, ending this and going to bed a bit early tonight.

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  1. You are right that holidays are a tough time to be alone.

    Have you tried double or maybe even triple spacing between your paragraphs? I know how annoying it is to go to the trouble of putting them in, and then some idiot software simply makes you look like an illiterate boob.


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