Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This is "the one". I wrote an ad on Craigslist, knowing the many Dane owners that are put in the position of having to find a new home for their beloved dog are very shy of just posting it on Craigslist - or anywhere else. If they love the dog, they want a person to take it that will love that dog and give it a wonderful home. I missed this email at work - though I was quite busy dealing with "things" and just wasn't even looking at my phone for probably half the day. The owner sent me this pic and her phone number and yes, I called immediately. The lady that I talked with? Loves this dog. Absolutely loves him. A little heartbreaking, really, I started talking about my experiences with Danes and then about having to bury Duke a few months ago - and she broke down on the phone and started crying. I totally sympathized with her. I would rather go through a dog's death such as with Duke, to be honest, than have to be forced into a position to have to give it up. But, if you really have to give it up, you want to find someone that is going to love it as much as you do. She said she had posted an ad and people were asking questions that - were telling her these people had no clue. I remember when I got Duke and Prince. The owners brought them to my house. They didn't want to meet anywhere, they wanted to see where the dogs were going to live. In this case, thougH? Ummm, well, the dog is about 200 miles away. I am more than willing to drive that distance and even further for the right dog. Is this dog going to have issues? Maybe. But, given enough time, I will deal with much of it. I really can't wait to just be able to come home and have my loyal companion waiting for me to get there and take it for a nice walk. I've been hooked on Danes since we got our first one when I was a teenager. I've had other dog breeds in that interim - and they were great dogs, but nothing will take the place in my heart and mind when it comes to dog ownership as a Dane does. A huge plus that my landlady "liked" the pic on Facebook - I posted him on there to see what anyone thought of the pic. I actually don't think they care WHAT kind of dog I get. They are animal lovers and have 3 dogs and a cat. Their cat is the first cat in my entire adult life that I have actually LIKED. It shows nothing but extreme attention to me for whatever reason. It doesn't bite me or claw me. Anyway, tentatively have it set up to go get that dog on Saturday. I am going to discuss with landlady first, of course. Actually, would be good to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and see about getting that $10 fencing. They had 700 panels of it when I discussed it with them a month or more ago. I just didn't feel the gumption to drive that far for just some fence panels. But this is a game changer and I could deal with doing that as well and make a day of it. It's supposed to rain on Saturday anyway, might as well find something useful to do with the day besides - nothing. Wow. Besides my adventures at church, there hasn't been much that has made me this excited in quite a long time. I hope this works out - but prepared if it doesn't. Just really would love to get that dog. The only drawback - it isn't house trained. I will have to get a carpet shampooer and have it ready at all times for any accidents. I don't do paper towels and all that stuff anymore, once I got a home carpet cleaning machine when I had my Danes in Phoenix, I never looked back. In terms of getting all of it out of the carpet? Yup. Far easier, much uicker and guess what? This Dane? She is giving it to me. She said she paid a lot of money for it (it looks like it has very good markings and stature) and I offered to pay her for it, she refused and said spend it on HIM. Well one thing of spending it on him would be for me, lol, in making sure I can clean the carpet up nicely if there is an accident for an untrained dog is going to have such many times over before they get it. Well onto other things. The new driver was informed about the DEF situation with the F550 by fully 3 different people I found out today, one of them was me and yes, I fully explained it in detail and asked if he understood after I was done explaining, to which he asked more questions and I answered them until I was sure he had full knowledge of it. DEF - found on trucks - is Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It is part of newer exhaust systems on trucks with diesel engines that help reduce emissions. Well, this dude? Ran the thing out of DEF on I-49 today. How did I know? I was driving the semi down I-49 and saw the truck on the side of the road with the hood up. I passed by before realizing it was him - just didn't exactly register with me that this was one of our trucks sitting there - so I pulled over and called the office. I knew that he had run it out of DEF before I left the yard, but LONG before I left and wondered when I saw it sitting there how it could possibly be still an issue after all that time? Answer? They had no clue. He hadn't called them about any further issues, they had taken him a 2-1/2 gallon container of the stuff and he had the truck running and left. Strange. Why didn't he call? I'll tell you why, some of these systems with DEF? You run it dry and it can damage the system and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Not hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars. Just keep going where you were going, they need that pipe! I was instructed so I got off the side of the road - it was half a mile before I could get over and stop on the shoulder - the contractor was almost out of pipe and though it is TOTALLY the contractor's fault for waiting until the very LAST minute to call us and ask us to bring them materials - we try to accommodate. I had to take a load off the trailer and reload this guy's stuff to get it down there. I didn't bother to talk to the new driver, I got back on the road. It was an hour later, coming back - he was 11 miles down further down the road, truck parked on the side of the Interstate, 2 pickups from the town of Natchidoches - they wanted/needed their material and yes, they drove out there to get it! lol I picked the driver up - tow truck on it's way. After that? I get back to the yard. Take this pipe to a bridge that is out at such and such location. Okay. I drive up to the bridge - definitely out. Dude walks up. What do you have? Pipe. Ummmm, well that's not ours. Tony. The warehouse manager. Gives me BAD instructions EVERY SINGLE TIME. I fell for it today, thought he had it right. Oh well. Back up 2/10's of a mile, turn down a side road after calling the contractor and find the place. Got home These people like when I cook them dinner, lol. It goes both ways. But I've supplied food for 3 days now. They have done the same for me, not complaining at all. Just saying, I made tacos and we all devoured them. It wasn't until I got done with the cooking and cleanup that I came in here, my bedroom, and saw 2 emails from this person replying to me CL ad for a dog. Not just any dog, a Great Dane, with some of my story about my experience with Danes. I was off the hook when I saw that pic. Instant YES! That's it. Time for bed.


  1. darn near as happy & excited as if it were us. Goodonya mate!!


  2. He's beautiful, Ben! :)


    Western Australia

  3. I apologize for whatever is happening when I post and the paragraphs disappear. I tried posting this 3 times and same result, yet in the edit thingy it is showing all the paragraphs. Anyway, thank you both!

  4. 200 miles away in which direction, our of curiosity?

  5. It's in a town called Joshua which appears to be south of Fort Worth.


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