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Haven't been here in a  while - which is okay.  I have another place I am writing.
But I can update here once in a while.
I have had one of my 4 wheelers over at this backyard mechanic's house for almost 2 months now.
Not that it matters, it was not in running condition when I got it.  I figured some engine work, I didn't
figure the amount of engine work it needs.  I would have taken the thing apart myself and slowly rebuilt it - with whatever tutoring I would need online to get it done.

I have rebuilt plenty of car engines, I doubt ATV engines are too terribly different. Piston, rings, crankshaft, head, valves.  Don't forget the bearings.  And boring the block if necessary.

I was informed by someone yesterday that replacing CV boots on the Polaris would be too difficult for me. Uh huh.  CV boots.  Yes, you have to take apart a lot of stuff.  You have to remember how to put it all back together.  I did truck and car mechanics for a lot of years. It was a while back n…