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Driver's license renewal.
I was first told that I had to make an appointment in both Texas and Arizona  to do any CDL transactions.
In other words, to show up at a drivers license office, I had to make an appointment in either state.
The lady I finally spoke with, however, contradicted that. No honey, you just show up here with proper
credentials and we will get it done.
Arizona? Found on their website two locations that don't need an appointment, one of them a place I have been going to for a long, long time anyway.

The dilemma is simply that my commercial driver's license is about to expire.  To renew it in Texas I need a birth certificate, which I don't have since I never replaced it after my house burned down some years ago and almost everything in the house burned up with it.

To get a Texas CDL, I need proof of residency. To get proof of residency, I have to register my vehicle.  To register my vehicle, I have to have an inspection done on the car.  Etc etc…