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So, I'm at work today. It's pouring rain starting early this morning.  I mean, there are 4 drivers standing around doing nothing.  The rain has been going on for quite a long time now, it has hit our business hard.  Hours cut back for drivers - from 50 per week to 45. Gonna hit hard the first paycheck that sees that kind of hour cut.  I came out here expecting 50 hours of work per week because that is what I was promised.

Anyway, I'm standing in the shed - they call it a shed it's a very large metal building used for material storage. Pretty much when there's nothing to do we go out there and hang out.  Eddie - another driver - comes walking out from the building across the way yelling my name. Ben!!! Ben!!! He gets close enough to respond without yelling and I'm like - what?  Why the hell didn't you tell us?  Why didn't I tell you WHAT?!!
What the bleep are you talking about?

These new phones! You knew what they could do and you didn't tell any of …