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I got a call today from soon to be ex-landlord. New property
owners said I could stay til' Sunday to get my stuff out of  here.
Were they being nice or did they contact the Realtor to find out
their rights? I hope the former and that they are being nice to let
me have the time I need to get everything accomplished.  I was
over at my potential new place today - the bedroom is awesome.
It's huge with a HUGE private bathroom and a very large walk-in
closet.  I find out Saturday about whether these people will actually
rent to me.

I have a bad feeling about it, to be honest.  Yes, Val got this going,
but I didn't realize that this is a much younger couple with a newborn
baby. The baby doesn't scare me, the younger couple part does.
Simply because that age realm usually likes to hang out with - the
same age realm, not a much older person.  I had my hopes up about
this place, now I don't know.  I guess I better start looking again
in case this falls through.

Roller coasters go up and down. And around. Some of them go upside down - several times and then around and up and down. Imagine being on one all the time and never getting off of it.
Regardless, intended move date is Friday.  Actually, I can't move into new place until I meet the husband of the lady that offered the room.  He has been out of town and won't be returning until late Friday night.  Which means  I don't get to meet him til' Saturday - but - I have to be out of this place no  later than Friday.
Actually, they tried to change the move-out date to Thursday/tomorrow to which I refused.  They didn't even give me 30 days notice to move, which is required by law if I wanted to be a stickler about it and then they gave me  Friday as a "no-later-than" move out date and then at the last minute attempting to tell me I have to be out Thursday?  No thank you.  The current owner said okay then, I'll just let them know.  
I then found out she didn't…