Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I don't necessarily feel inclined that if I do one thing for one person, I therefore should have to do the exact same thing for someone else. What I do with my money and how I spend is my decision, no someone else's.  At least not anyone earthly.

Moved to closer town to work.  Trip is 35 miles and 30 minutes of driving.  Probably a little less time today for I tend to put the hammer down once I hit the freeway, which is now only a few minutes away compared to quite a distance before.  Although I like the 2 lane country road that leads to former residence, I didn't much care for it driving in the dark weekday mornings going to work.

Work itself is still a circus.  More like The Devil's Rejects - old clown movie from hell basically.  Anyway, I'm dealing with it best as anyone can.  I'm biding my time to see if, in several months time, I will be able to land a position at my company's location in Longview.  There is also one in Tyler but it's a small operation and they don't currently need anyone.  After this year is over and I see what is going to happen I may entertain moving on to higher paying job in the area.  There are several of them listed but there are a lot of people applying for them.  I have a stable work history - one that does not include jumping around from place to place - which is what employers like to see in terms of the trucking industry.

But I am growing to hate the truck industry and it's ridiculous amounts of regulations and am seriously considering a late life shift to something else, even if college is necessary.  I am intrigued by her ex's job as a plant operator.  His particular job requires a 2 year degree but there are jobs out there that only require a 90 day training program.  Excellent pay and benefits, driving not necessary.  Great vacation benefits and good health care coverage.

Whatever the case, I am losing interest in an industry that is over regulated and no long has public respect.  Hasn't had public respect in ages.  Then again, there are a lot of drivers out there - trucks that is - that have no business being on the road and take zero pride in their work.  They dress like street people and throw urine bottles out the windows. Their trucks are filthy and they are unkempt and many are extremely over weight, eating truck stop food instead of taking due diligence to watch their weight and health.  But the federal government isn't helping things, either and lots of veteran drivers are leaving the driving work force.  Eventually this situation will play itself out, but it may be years down the road.

Well, time to be off to work.


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