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I don't necessarily feel inclined that if I do one thing for one person, I therefore should have to do the exact same thing for someone else. What I do with my money and how I spend is my decision, no someone else's.  At least not anyone earthly.

Moved to closer town to work.  Trip is 35 miles and 30 minutes of driving.  Probably a little less time today for I tend to put the hammer down once I hit the freeway, which is now only a few minutes away compared to quite a distance before.  Although I like the 2 lane country road that leads to former residence, I didn't much care for it driving in the dark weekday mornings going to work.

Work itself is still a circus.  More like The Devil's Rejects - old clown movie from hell basically.  Anyway, I'm dealing with it best as anyone can.  I'm biding my time to see if, in several months time, I will be able to land a position at my company's location in Longview.  There is also one in Tyler but it's a small opera…