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Wanna be manager.
He was transferred to store I am currently working at from California - he was a store manager over there. He wanted to be the manager of the store I am working at.  However, another man that had been working there since his teens and whose father is a salesman with numerous accounts that rake in the dough got the position instead (thankfully, even though I wasn't there when that happened I am reaping the benefits of a decent manager compared to some as*****)

This wanna be tries to call me on my company cell today.  It's not a cellphone, it is a tracking and delivery device that has a cellphone built into it.  Regardless, they gave us new ones that look something like Iphones but do much more.  I hadn't received a call on it yet.  The screen came up with a green accept or a red decline. I hit accept numerous times until the call was lost.

He called again.  I tried again to no avail.  He called my personal cellphone.  I didn't have the ringer on, didn&…