Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wanna be manager.
He was transferred to store I am currently working at from California - he was a store manager over there. He wanted to be the manager of the store I am working at.  However, another man that had been working there since his teens and whose father is a salesman with numerous accounts that rake in the dough got the position instead (thankfully, even though I wasn't there when that happened I am reaping the benefits of a decent manager compared to some as*****)

This wanna be tries to call me on my company cell today.  It's not a cellphone, it is a tracking and delivery device that has a cellphone built into it.  Regardless, they gave us new ones that look something like Iphones but do much more.  I hadn't received a call on it yet.  The screen came up with a green accept or a red decline. I hit accept numerous times until the call was lost.

He called again.  I tried again to no avail.  He called my personal cellphone.  I didn't have the ringer on, didn't notice it until the call was already about to drop.  I tried to answer, it was gone. I was a mile from the store, I didn't bother to call back, figured I would find out whatever whoever wanted (I didn't know at the time who was trying to call, to clarify, it was the main number from the store showing up on the phones).

I get back, go to the office, get a cup of coffee and heating it up.  Coffee coming off a coffeemaker is almost never hot enough for me, I have to put it into a microwave for 60 seconds.  This guy comes walking up.  I tried to call you twice.  Yeah, well the phone wouldn't answer.  I tried to call you on your personal phone.  Well I was trying to answer on company phone and this green accept call button was on there but it wouldn't answer.  Oh and I suppose you couldn't answer your own cellphone, either? spoken in confrontational, denigrating tones.

That's when I got pissed but remained calm outwardly. Yeah, Mike, I picked up the phone too late, the call dropped.  I started to try and explain to him what had happened with company phone and he repeatedly stated: I don't want to hear it, I don't care.  4 times he said that and I finally blew a fuse.  What the hell is your problem?  Mr Mouth.  He then threw in out of the blue: you have a problem with everyone here.  I have a problem with 2 people there and after this bs today, 3.  The place is a circus - from hell circus - it is the most anger filled place I have ever seen for employment.  People getting angry at each other and blowing up all the time.

Fortunately for me, the ex manager of the place - he became a salesman - heard the s*** from his office and came up later and asked about it.  I heard everything that was said.  Good, I thought, I have a backup if it comes to that.  In fact, every time something happens with someone saying something stupid to me or saying something and forgetting later or WHATEVER I have had witnesses around.  I never did get to speak to the manager about this.  The ex manager asked if I had done so? Nope, haven't had time and he's been gone when I have had the time.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...