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Applebee's Grill & Bar

There is nothing like poor service and yesterday? Applebee's delivered - on terrible service that is.  Sat down, ordered a turkey sandwich and some vegetables.  I received a BLT.  I don't go to restaurants to eat BLT's, I can easily make a very good BLT at home without the extra added expense.  The bartender didn't give me any utensils, either.  After being served, she completely ignored me even though I was poking at the vegetables with a straw to try and get them on the straw and eat them without a fork.

The point was trying to get her attention from her busyness and understand that she hadn't completed the service and didn't bother to ask if I liked what she served, much less if the order was correct.  I ate half the sandwich and my stomach started grumbling.  After that, it started churning.  The manager came out, I made eye contact with him several times but he wasn't budging.  Instead, he went to the other side and started talking with customers at ta…