Thursday, April 9, 2015

Applebee's Grill & Bar

There is nothing like poor service and yesterday? Applebee's delivered - on terrible service that is.  Sat down, ordered a turkey sandwich and some vegetables.  I received a BLT.  I don't go to restaurants to eat BLT's, I can easily make a very good BLT at home without the extra added expense.  The bartender didn't give me any utensils, either.  After being served, she completely ignored me even though I was poking at the vegetables with a straw to try and get them on the straw and eat them without a fork.

The point was trying to get her attention from her busyness and understand that she hadn't completed the service and didn't bother to ask if I liked what she served, much less if the order was correct.  I ate half the sandwich and my stomach started grumbling.  After that, it started churning.  The manager came out, I made eye contact with him several times but he wasn't budging.  Instead, he went to the other side and started talking with customers at tables.

I continued to make eye contact with him but he either didn't get it or didn't care.  The plate with the sandwich opened and not eating it should have given someone in that entire place a clue.  A customer that had an extra set of utensils came walking by and handed me an unopened set.  Fancy that, getting served by a customer who paid more attention than the employees of the restaurant!  Never had that happen before.

After sitting there for quite some time waiting to see if this bartender would EVER pay ANY attention, I finally said something.  "Uhhh, this is the strangest looking Turkey sandwich I have ever seen, there is not turkey on it":.  Ohhh, she replies, goes to the register and realizes she entered a BLT instead of a turkey sandwich. I'll give her that she apologized.  She went to the manager and had the sandwich removed off the tab.  Great. The manager came over to the my side but stood off about 10 feet.  Very uncomfortable having the manager of a restaurant standing behind you, staring at you.

I quickly paid my bill and left.  The greeters at the door were as uninterested in the customers as the wait staff. They said nothing. One of them sitting there with her head in her hands, disinterested and obviously not wanting to be at work.

I've been going to Applebee's a long, long time now and I am simply not used to this low and poor level of customer service - location in Marshall, TX.  I can't remember the last time a bartender simply ignored the customers and didn't bother to see if the customer was happy or not, at least not at an Applebee's.  Chili's is right down the street and guess what?  They have 100% better service than this Applebee's.

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