Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I've had people telling me that I couldn't possibly remember something like that 30 years later, or 35, or whatever or however long.
I remember things that had no great significant impact on anyone except me for a minor thing that occurred between 2 people that never left me.
Excuse me, who dictates to me how my memory shall work? Because yours doesn't, mine shouldn't either?  Or short term memory.  There are certain - things/relationships/events/ in life where I have taught myself to pay very close attention to every word a person is saying and store those words in my memory banks.

Why? Because what they say then will change later and the entire encounter will be completely changed by their - warped memory.

And I am not a person to "only" remember the negatives.  Unlike several people I know, whose minds are huge filing cabinets - for the negative things. They can't remember any details or the good things that happen, those are forgotten.  Yes, I mean forgotten.  I don't mean skewed, I mean completely wiped clean of their memory drive, to put it in computer terms.  There are individuals I know that if you ask them the good memories of - certain people - they can either remember nothing or the list is so short, it's almost non-existent. Ask the same person of the bad memories and there is a list.  A HUGE list.

But even then, the recounting of it can be so skewed and wrangled that it represents nothing of what actually happened!

I have noticed in life - I got this a long time ago actually - that people tend to remember what they WANT to remember and the rest of the story? Changes to accommodate for it.  Which is why I try to put so much stuff in my head about the things that happen on a daily basis - well, it sometimes gives me headaches.  And hence the reason I like to write in blogs.

But whatever.  Sometimes lack of memory in individuals - specific individuals and the constant relapse of it on a daily basis - confounds me and sometimes irritates.  If you don't remember something, then don't come off saying that you do - you say, well as I remember it, though I could be wrong.....or something like that. Or I am not sure I recall this correctly, correct me if I'm wrong.

I've done that before - I'm not claiming to be a computer hard drive with unlimited memory - and I've been corrected. Rarely, but it's happened and I accepted it.

Ranting. Life.

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