Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm back on this blog.  The other blog was "isolated", or seemed that way anyway.  I have no further reason to stay over there - probably a few posts here and there but this will now be my main blogging account again.

The only thing now on the divorce front is that I called the sheriff's office today and they are going to arrange to have the divorce papers served to me tomorrow evening where I am living.  Their hours and mine don't work as far as going and getting them.  I'm at work before their office opens and quitting time is the same as theirs.  Contemplating when to tell her I am getting my stuff back.

But, my manager is in the hospital, half his face is paralyzed.  It was allegedly some contagious illness, but we are starting to have our doubts. It got worse today and he went to emergency room.  I'm definitely not wishing this on him, but this happens to some people that have strokes as well.  Who knows, hopefully the docs come up with a much - easier to fix - diagnosis than a stroke.

Of course, when the manager's away, the mice will play.  Evidenced today.  I had only one delivery and it was short-lived.  I spent the day working around the yard, cleaning up other people's messes.  Especially in the pipe yard.  In fact, our alleged "yard man" makes more messes in there than anyone and doesn't clean up after himself.  I fixed the yard this morning only to find he had moved a bunch of pipe to get at some other pipe - but then didn't put any of it back.  He also unloaded a truck and just dumped it in the other yard instead of putting it away.  It was the inside salesman, though, that were doing much of nothing.  There is plenty for them to do and they are - not doing it.  Our manager ... has trouble putting his foot down.  I dunno, but we are going to lose customers if something doesn't change. I heard it yet again yesterday from a customer that named names and went off about them.

Slowly talking myself into another dog.  Been looking at Danes - lots of pups. A few free adult Danes on there as well, but likely problem dogs that will need a lot of work.  Not sure this place is a good fit for such an animal.  And a rescue agency - but their Danes are older.  6, 7 years old.  That 3/4's of their life done and gone.  I understand life offering up problems to keep a large dog, but some of the things I have been reading? Lame excuses.  All of the pups are costly.  $300 to $1000.  I will not spend a thousand dollars on a dog.  No thanks.  I might spend up to $200, I would possibly consider $300 if the dog just took my heart away, but a thousand dollars?  Not.  They haven't been able to get rid of their problem dog yet, can't get my own until they find a new home for it.

I have had numerous run-ins with that problem dog and it is now obeying me.  I won't tolerate an out-of-control dog.  I am no Milan but that thing was ridiculous.  It still is. It's mainly because it's an outside only dog and it gets very little attention.  So, I give it some.  But, I am not going to train it, well just enough to obey me to sit down, shut up and chill. It now puts it's tail between it's legs, sit down with it's ears back and gives this pathetic look at me, lol.   Proper training would take a lot of time and they are getting rid of it. Not my dog, not my problem.  Unless they give up on trying to find a home for it.

Well, have to be at work early. New account. Contractor wants material there by 8 am at the latest.  yes, well it's an hour and forty-five minute drive to get there.  So, offa here!

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...