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I'm back on this blog.  The other blog was "isolated", or seemed that way anyway.  I have no further reason to stay over there - probably a few posts here and there but this will now be my main blogging account again.

The only thing now on the divorce front is that I called the sheriff's office today and they are going to arrange to have the divorce papers served to me tomorrow evening where I am living.  Their hours and mine don't work as far as going and getting them.  I'm at work before their office opens and quitting time is the same as theirs.  Contemplating when to tell her I am getting my stuff back.

But, my manager is in the hospital, half his face is paralyzed.  It was allegedly some contagious illness, but we are starting to have our doubts. It got worse today and he went to emergency room.  I'm definitely not wishing this on him, but this happens to some people that have strokes as well.  Who knows, hopefully the docs come up with a much - eas…