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Interesting day.  Got up early, got to work early, got to Pineville, LA - early enough.  Contractor knew I was coming and would be calling for directions.  The only thing I had was LA 28 in Pineville.  Well, 7 phone calls and no answer, so I got off of Pinesville Expressway, got off at LA 28, found a supermarket parking lot and - made more phone calls, lol.  This is one case where driving down the road and looking around? I would have never found it.  It was 2 miles away, in the back of an already existent subdivsion that they decided to add to.  It's always fun to see contractors trying to remove huge bundles of pipe with the wrong equipment.  Drop and break, oops!

Back to the yard - 2 hour drive, but stopped at a Relay station, got 100 gallons of fuel and free lunch.  Yup, they give free lunch for over 50 gallons.  This is one of many gas stations/small truck stops that has a restaurant and they serve some fine food.  It was, with free drink and sides, a $10 meal for free.  I ta…