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Well there's nothing like a salesman handing me a spiff for doing something for him that has been - irritating - him for quite some time.
It has been annoying me too, but I thought the parameters were different than they actually were.
The situation is all the mud up against the main building.  It has been there since before I started working there. It is what meets customer's eyes when they want to go in and talk with a salesman, inside salesman or management.  It's pretty ugly.

What I didn't know was that there is concrete underneath all of that mud.  I had thought it was - for whatever unknown reason - that it was dirt there from the beginning.  Well, the salesman in question had asked the other driver to clean it up and he would buy  him lunch for a week.  I got involved with it out of having not much of anything else to do and because when I found it was concrete underneath there, well. I would have cleaned that thing out of there a long time ago.

And also, becaus…