Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rain. Rain, More rain.
I was at working thinking: uhhh, yeah, I'ma go home early today. There is nothing going on, contractors aren't working, only a couple of customers came in, it's go home early day. It just gets....
boring and I now have 140 hours of vacation time saved up.  So, at almost lunchtime, I go into the will call and the warehouse manager is like: yeah, I'm taking off early.  I said yes, let's get out of here! I was sitting at the computer. He says< NO, don't clock out yet!  They're getting us lunch today!  Okay then, I'll stick around for free lunch, lol.

Got off just before 1:00 pm.  No desire to do anything, went straight home.  I mean, yesterday and all that digging and shoveling and moving dirt around? Just took it comppletely out of me.  Not complaining, good workout, just when it's boring and I'm tired, I would rather go home than stick around to do much of nothing.

Got home and went to sleep.  I don't know for how long.  I only know when I woke up it was dark.  The only thing that woke me up was when the landlady came home with the baby and the baby was crying - loudly.  Good thing.  I was completely out of it, as if I had gone to bed for the night. ________________________________________________________ Now Saturday. Misssed out on two very good looking Danes. Just got to them too late. But it's okay, there will be more. I'm ignoring the $500, $700, $900 and $1,200 versions. Duke cost me $100 and was easily one of the best dogs I have ever had. I'm not going to show the dog, I just want a good looking Dane. Another rainy day - and cooling down considerably, at least my version of it. It's 53 degrees and going out in the rain? Not my version of fun. But I went to Walmart anyway. I was looking for several things, but one of which was thermal underwear - which they don't have yet. I would have thought they would have had that on the shelves by now - winter is just around the corner. Supposedly the rain will stop tomorrow. It just throws things off, including me. Rainy days make we want to sleep. Well nothing going to get done outside today. I have already thoroughly clenaed my bathrood today and spiffied up my bedroom. Not much else left. Excepting making spaghetti later on. My version of it with meatballs, spicy italian sausauge and 80% lean ground beef. _________________________________________________________ Now into Sunday, Sunday morning to be precise. Rain has finally stopped, sun is shining, should be a beautiful day. But, the temps are starting to come down and that signals alarms in my brain to complete what I started: getting all of my winter clothing out and assessing what else I will needd to brave the winter temps with rain that is inevitably coming... and having to endure for 50 hours per week. I'm missing one pair of Alpaca socks. I have 3 pair, only found 2. Going to go through everything, those socks cost $25 per pair. Well worth it, yes, though I didn't buy them, Valerie did like a year or more ago. They keep your feet warm even if they are wet. With that kind of price tag, though, I am definitely going to go through everything to see if I can find the third pair. Really would like 5 pair total. Still looking at dogs, Great Danes namely. I thought about getting a smaller breed, something around the medium sized dog and thought again. Great Danes don't need a large space, they need to be exercised regularly. But they are perfectly content to lay around and do nothing as long as they are with their human companions. They are very much a human social dog and want to be with their owners as much as possible. My current bedroom has plenty of space for a Great Dane. But, I am in no hurry. I missed a couple of good ones but more will come. People get rid of them after they have had them for awhile when understanding how large the animal is and getting into situations where that sized creature isn't workable or even allowable. Owning my own home I had as many of the those sized animals as I wanted - which I did, 3 at one time. I likely will never have 3 or even 2 dogs ever again unless I end up living on a large property with acreage, for that many large dogs do need a lot of space inside or out of the home. Which I have thought about trying to get some land. Preferrably wooded or at least partially wooded. Preferably with a small stream running through it and deer and pigs close by. It would be nice to go out your back door with a rifle and not have to go very far to "hunt" for deer, lol. Though this area is heavily wooded, it is not in the mountains. Just a dream. I have a house in Phoenix, would have to get rid of that first and right now? It's paying for itself and the people taking care of it are content to stay there. How long, I don't know. When they decide to leave, that is when I will have to sell it. I'm just hoping by that time, the value of the house equals at least what I owe on it. Is that asking for too much? lol Nothing on the Val front. I don't expect there to be excepting to deal with the divorce. Hopefully have time later on today to pore over the reply - though it is self explanatory and it is just fill in the blanks. I want to get that filed, though and get this thing rolling. She wants it over? Fine, let's get it over with. All of her friends and family have blocked me on various social media excepting one. That is her best friend. Val made it a point to ask everyone to unfriend me/block me, so I am not sure why her best friend still has me on there. I am guessing after the divorce she will do the same. I can only surmise that she is still friending me on Facebook to see if I will post anything negative about the divorce on there. I have no intention of posting anything at all about it until after it is done and even then, it's going to be something like "well, that chapter of my life over with, what's next?". It won't even have specific reference to the divorce. I did have a good relationship with her friend for quite a while, though. She is a neat lady and has a very interesting life going on on her farm. I tried to take my car in on Friday to get the heater core replaced. For whatever reason, that place was closed and the next in line is never open on Fridays. I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get it in the second place, it's close to work, like 2 blocks away and they are Christian. I don't expect a Christian establishment to do any better or worse than a non-Christian establishment, but I do like to support such business - mom and pop type of thing - whenever I can. But that's only if they have time some time this week to get to it and get it done same day. Obviously I can't leave the car overnight. And if their prices are reasonable. It's going to cost around 3 bills or a little more to get that done. It's just nothing I want to get involved with on my own. Well, I am going to church today. I don't really want to drive that far but the messages are so good and speak to my inner man. It's definitely my kind of church. The pastor doesn't pull any punches, he delivers the message and if you don't like it, tough. That's the way it's supposed to be. Christians shouldn't be trying to find a church whose pastor "tickles their ears" with his "nice" messages. I want and like to be challenged in my walk with the Lord and last week was definitely a challenge. It was about judging people. It was the most sensible message about that subject yet and it definitely go my attention. I understand that I can be judgmental at times and I really have no right to engage in such, but I do it anyway and likely, most people engage in such at some point or another about a particular subject or swubjects. Anyway, have to get offa here.

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