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Rain. Rain, More rain.
I was at working thinking: uhhh, yeah, I'ma go home early today. There is nothing going on, contractors aren't working, only a couple of customers came in, it's go home early day. It just gets....
boring and I now have 140 hours of vacation time saved up.  So, at almost lunchtime, I go into the will call and the warehouse manager is like: yeah, I'm taking off early.  I said yes, let's get out of here! I was sitting at the computer. He says< NO, don't clock out yet!  They're getting us lunch today!  Okay then, I'll stick around for free lunch, lol.

Got off just before 1:00 pm.  No desire to do anything, went straight home.  I mean, yesterday and all that digging and shoveling and moving dirt around? Just took it comppletely out of me.  Not complaining, good workout, just when it's boring and I'm tired, I would rather go home than stick around to do much of nothing.

Got home and went to sleep.  I don't know for how …