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This is "the one". I wrote an ad on Craigslist, knowing the many Dane owners that are put in the position of having to find a new home for their beloved dog are very shy of just posting it on Craigslist - or anywhere else. If they love the dog, they want a person to take it that will love that dog and give it a wonderful home. I missed this email at work - though I was quite busy dealing with "things" and just wasn't even looking at my phone for probably half the day. The owner sent me this pic and her phone number and yes, I called immediately. The lady that I talked with? Loves this dog. Absolutely loves him. A little heartbreaking, really, I started talking about my experiences with Danes and then about having to bury Duke a few months ago - and she broke down on the phone and started crying. I totally sympathized with her. I would rather go through a dog's death such as with Duke, to be honest, than have to be forced into a position to have…