Saturday, November 14, 2015

On my way. 175 mile drive, one-way.  Calling this a day trip.  Well that's cause' it is a day trip, lol.  I could only find Coco's old chain, not sure what I did with Prince's or Duke's, have them boxed away somewhere.  Coco was the Dane mix, she was much smaller than the other two, her chain won't fit around this dog's neck, so going to have to buy a new leach and collar.  Which I suppose isn't so bad, start fresh with a new dog.  I actually would have gotten an earlier start but they didn't answer the phone when I called and I won't even think about going on this long of a road trip without verbal confirmation and an address of where I am going to.

The man called me back a little later and confirmed both, so, I'm on my way.  I hope this big boy works out - he has to be able to get along with other dogs. He gets along with horses and cows on the farm they used to live on and another dog, so hopefully no problems there.  Most Danes are non-aggressive and just want to get along with everyone and everything.  Most Danes want to be with their owners, will followthem around everywhere - and I mean everywhere - like being indoors more than out - though this is an outdoor dog so some training going to have to take place.  They are goofy, silly dogs, they love to pplay and mess around with other dogs or people.


Much time has passed. I spent an hour with the dude of the house and a daughter.  Mama wasn't there and she didn't want to be there.  She had already apparently called him telling him she can't do it.  Let him go, that is.  I had the story wrong.  They actually moved into a rental house on a large enough property, definitely large enough for any dog, really.  But, the owner of the house said no dogs inside and really doesn't want them there at all.  They absolutely LOVE this dog, it was hard to watch the expressions on their faces as we stood there and talked and I listened to stories of what the dog has done and does and gotten into.  They slightly hinted at maybe sending updates on him and pics and I heartily agreed with it, I was going to offer to anyway.  They also have another beloved dog they are going to have to part with.

The story behind this dog is that the lady has a friend that breeds Great Danes, the friend owed her for - something I don't remember what.  She offered the Dane at a "discount" of $900.  He never did tell me how much they paid for him but apparently they owners were selling these dogs for $1,200. Yes, I know I said a grand earlier but again, I got the real story once I got there.  He's very even tempered. It was a long drive home and he wasn't liking the car too much after a while, but we made it without a hitch.  Upon getting home? That was the - tricky/scary part? - if he was going to get along with the other 3 dogs.

The little German Shepherd - this dog is very small right now, they got a puppy about a month and a half ago - was terrified of him.  It started howling and shreiking and tried to bite him!  But, Addler didn't even growl back.  Just looked at him funny trying to sniff him as dogs do when they meet, but that GS was having nothing to do with it.  He ran for the underside of the house where Addler couldn't get at him.  The Shepherd mix initially tried to start trouble - it is also a puppy but much larger than the other one - until Addler tried to sniff him it put it's tail between it's legs and sat down.  The other dog - another mutt of some sort - female - did not take well to him at all.  She growled and snapped at him - but - she does that to the other dogs as well. Again, it didn't even phase Addler.  He didn't growl he just kept trying.  Over and over.

Well, Addler eventually grew bored of that and began running all over the place sniffing everything out.  After about half an hour, I left.  Had to run to Walmart and get him a bag of his dog food, a couple of feeding bowls, another collar, some training treats and a chew bone.  He smells horrible.  He is an outside dog and smells like a horse!  I'm going to wash him tomorrow weather permitting.  I will probably wash him whether weather permits or not!

The owners were shocked when they saw him. Well, he's bigger than Duke was!  Umm, I dunno, doesn't seem to be but after looking at him for a while, I had to agree. I'll get a tape measure and measure his up to his shoulder length.  The dog has had a hard day.  It obviously wasn't happy about being taken from his home.  It'll take time to adjust to here and me, but we will take nice, long walks together and get to know each other.  I bought a very large bowl for his food and filled it up. It was gone in a few minutes.  I usually just let a dog eat as much dog food as it wants until it's full. I've never had a problem with overweight dogs feeding them that way so I will probably start that up again.  They were feeding him twice a day. I don't know if I'll do that or not.  I at least was able to get the food he is already eating - I don't need THAT kind of problem going on tonight! Really asking for trouble when you switch dog foods.  Not that you can't, but if you do, look out.  It can lead to very "irregular" bowel problems for a while.

He's still on puppy food, lol.  A dog that big still a puppy!  But, the bag says up to 18 months.  I think I'm going to slowly wean him of that food and get him started on the adult version of what he is eating. He's such a beautiful dog with such cool looking markings.  Definitely worth the trip, especially now knowing he is very gentle tempered.  That is a prerequisite of mine.  I do not want or tolerate vicious or moody dogs. A hiccup here and there okay, but every day, all day? NO thanks.  It was really kind of risky driving that far for an unknown dog, but I Great Danes aren't called Gentle Giants for nothing.  So it was a calculated risk and I think I have scored yet again on a very awesome pooch - time will tell.

They did say he will bark at stangers and has already done that.  Typical Dane bark, deep throated and likely intimidating - the sound anyway.  I remember Duke and Prince would bark and bark at starngers at the gate - but those people could have walked right in and they would have then proceeded to beg to get petted, lol.

Been a long day and I'm getting some chest congestion.  I really, reallllllly do not want to get sick.  But I can feel it coming on.  It doesn't feel like allergies.  It feels like sick, yuck.


A few more hours elapsed.  Addler is jittery.  This was expected.  Probably go on for a while.  His whole life has been totally disrupted and completely thrown off track. He has no idea what is going on here.  What happened to mama?  Daddy? Boy and girl?  I hit it right off with this dog - but that doesn't necessarily mean he WANTED to go HOME with me.  It'll take some time.  He also doesn't know sit, down or come.  He is now learning - sit, down and come -- lol.  That will take time as well. And they told me right off he isn't house-trained.  I will mentally prepare myself for the idea of getting up tonight, cleaning up a mess and going back to sleep.  In fact, considering his circumstances, it is likely it will happen.  I was going to buy a carpet cleaning machine - but my now-friends here said no, you can use ours.  It has HAD dog pee in it before!  Okay.  I should have looked at the thing earlier - but I totally forgot.  No matter, they are all pretty easy to figure out.  I won't just lay there and smell pee or poop all night long, those smells will drive me RIGHT out of bed and go to task elminating the problem.

Enough.  I need to focus tomorrow on reading up on divorce proceedings in Texas and getting myself acquainted with it - while - showing a new doggy some solid attention.  I want him to feel as loved here as he did there.  I doubt I will go to church.  I want to spend a day with the dog.  The only setback is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow so that will throw off any idea of going for a walk.  They have a huge back yard here, plenty of room to run around - but - walks are where you can really get to training a dog.


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