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On my way. 175 mile drive, one-way.  Calling this a day trip.  Well that's cause' it is a day trip, lol.  I could only find Coco's old chain, not sure what I did with Prince's or Duke's, have them boxed away somewhere.  Coco was the Dane mix, she was much smaller than the other two, her chain won't fit around this dog's neck, so going to have to buy a new leach and collar.  Which I suppose isn't so bad, start fresh with a new dog.  I actually would have gotten an earlier start but they didn't answer the phone when I called and I won't even think about going on this long of a road trip without verbal confirmation and an address of where I am going to.

The man called me back a little later and confirmed both, so, I'm on my way.  I hope this big boy works out - he has to be able to get along with other dogs. He gets along with horses and cows on the farm they used to live on and another dog, so hopefully no problems there.  Most Danes are non-…