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Vet visit. 2 ladies at the front were trying to finish a conversation when I came in there. "Oh that is a very big dog, I didn't expec that".  Well, they didn't ask what breed of dog he was when I called them.  They weren't complaining - I don't think anyway - and Addler behaved himself swimmingly the entire visit.  Okay, he didn't want to comply with standing or sitting on the scale - we had to try two separate times, but I consider that a nothing issue.  He currently weights 119 pounds.  I figued it was 100 to 110 so I was a bit off on that one.  But I'm not a scale, either, lol.
They gave him all shots that bring him up to date for his age and took swab off rear end and found worms.  No heartworms though, which is very good.  Easy enough to get rid of those intestinal worms, already have him on that medicine.  It's going to take a bit of time - maybe quite a bit - to get this dog indoctrinated into my ways of doing things.  I like instant obedi…
Day 2.
Addler slept on the futon. Per Fin's remark on my Facebook wall about needing a bigger bed - I figured instead of buying a doggy bed and taking up even more space in this room with it, why not use the futon?  I can buy them a new mattress for it whenever I figure out what I am going to do and leave here.  Which could be a few months from now - or a few years - or who knows. I hate throwing money away on rent but it isn't that much, these people are totally cool and I have a very nice setup now that I have gotten my room situated to my liking. The futon is huge, ample room for the dog to spread completely out.

Anyway, Addler decided to check up on me several times last night.  I was afraid that meant he was going to go pee/poop on the floor, but it was the jitters still, being in a strange place with strange people he doesn't know and likely wanting to go back home to his family.  That isn't going to happen, they got rid of him for a reason.  I don't know abo…