Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I had til' Friday to file a reply.  The rules state the third Monday after the papers are served and
Monday is the third, so I guess Monday but I don''t play games with stuff like that.  I am not going to have a "default" judgement against me considering the high stakes of her debt on the line here. Not that she is going to try to dump me with that.

Of course, that meant filling out the paperwork, finding a place to get copies of it made, going to the courthouse and filing it and then stopping at the post office to send her a copy as mandated by the court.  It's pouring rain outside and has been all day.  I'm still feeling quite bad and doing this wasn't exactly something I wanted to do, but I plan on going back to work tomorrow unless I just can't do it and that means I have to do this while I have time off.

The pleasant surprise was when I got my wallet out to pay to enter my reply.  Umm, no dear, it doesn't cost anything, did you bring any copies? Uhh, yes, I have 3 copies here.  Okay, well let me sign off on those and file your paperwork and that's it dear.  I had expected to have to pay the same amount she paid ot file - which was almost $300.  I'm not complaining, obviously.  Well I remember it costing hundreds of dollars to reply when my "first" ex filed for divorce in Phoenix.

Well, my celebration was to go get something to eat - though I had planned on that anyway because I simply do not feel like cooking.  I dont' feel like doing anything.  I have very little energy.  This is a head and chest cold. It isn't allergies, it's a full blown cold with the junk going on in my lungs to make it far worse.

I left Addler outside during all of this - he won't be in the house when I'm not here.  Albeit it it is pouring rain, the rear porch is covered and there is a huge carport in the rear that is also covered. If the dogs don't want to get wet - they won't.  He was lightly moist on his fur but no wetness on his paws.  I have been lucky so far. For not being a house-broken dog, he hasn't done anything in the house so far.

I was going to get a much needed haircut, but I figured they wouldn't appreciate a sick person carrying germs in there and potentially getting everyone sick, so I went home instead.

I just remembered that I bought a bunch of Christmas lights last year and decorated her living room with them.  I won't be asking for them back - though I doubt they will get used this year since she is not big into celebrating holidays.  All of the celebration was my idea and my effort.  The kids loved it, she acted like she liked it.  As almost everything I tried to do to make life happier around there, it failed in her eyes after coming out later on.

Well, afternoon gone, evening here. Attempting to decide whether to go to work tomorrow.
Dunno.  Think I'll just decide that in the morning.  Getting up has been exceedingly difficult and haven't been doing so until around 9.  It seems the steroid shot is working for the cough, but the rest of me still feels like junk.
Meanwhile, Addler - who would rather be in here with me but he's a dog and a large one at that and needs to spend quality time outdoors - let me know for the first time that he needed to go. I mean, I was guessing that was what he was saying.  He speaks to me, lol.  It's pretty comical.  Anyway, got him outside and the first thing he did was pee and then found an appropriate place by his standards and dumped as well. Good doggy!  I spent some time out there playing with him and other dogs until I started coughing profusely and dumped that idea, heading back indoors.

I can say right now that I have NO desire to go to work tomorrow.  But I can't stay away forever.  perhaps show up, get anything done that needs it and head home early. I've done that before.  The new driver apparently showed up for work - very late today.  I know this because the other driver is always texting me now. In fact, we met at Chili's down the road on Sunday.

Well, wait and see - divorce that is.  Filed my reply and now need to sit and read through a large amount of material issued by the Texas Bar and see what they have to say about it.  It's advice for persons that are doing it without a lawyer.


Monday Morning
Addler woke me up 3 times last night - checking on me.  Even
so, hits jitters are beginning to calm down - though I suspect after today that may ramp up a bit. I got up 20 minutes earlier than normal, let hiim out, filled up his food bowl, took a shower, let him back in where he proceeded to devour the entire bowl of food.  Dog was prancing around like a stallion. Definitely a lot of puppy left in him, lol.  Nice to get a younger dog though instead of one whose life is already half or more gone by virtue of age.

Anyway, this is day 4 of having the dog and also the first day of leaving him for 11 hours or so home alone while at work.  There are 3 other dogs there but he could care less about them and basiically ignores them unless in a playful mood - but the 2 puppies are terrified of him.  Addler is definitely a human person, he wants to be around us'ins all the time.  So, sort of going to get home later on today and wonder what it's going to be like, lol.

I am still not feeling all that great but decided that I didn't wannt to take any mmore time off of work.  Well, SHTF when I got there, not because of me, but because the new inside salesman left the warehouse door proped wide open - all night long.  The warehouse manager left early yesterday and instructed him to make sure the entire place was locked up, inncluding closing that door.  The dude was getting flustered and getting mad that the other driver had said thatl this dude had seen the door, walked right by it and left without closing it.  The warehouse manager was all OVER his case abouut it, but this dude refused to take responsibility.

The biggest problem with that whole place is the manager.  He is a nice guy - too nice - he doesnt like confrontation and has a hard time telling people like ti is or should be.  So these peoplee get away with all kinds of stuff because of  it.  Well, the purchasing agent showed up - he has an office elsewhere but sometimes shows up to work at our branch - and booted this inside salesman off of his desk and took it over, lol.    That inside salesman is lazy - he and the other insde salesman are seen playing on their phones all the time.

I'm getting tired of the place.  I am still waiting for an answer on promotion and on raise.  Im thinking of starting to look around this week online and start filling out applications.  I'm not going to continue to work my ass off for a manager/ment that wants mme to do the work of 2 people or more while several lazy people are making the same money and screw off all the time.  I'm just tired of it.

Well enough.  At least I got a nice, long run inn the pickup truck today.

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