Thursday, November 19, 2015

I got to work this morning, realized there wasn't going to be any runs for me to go on and immediately wanted to go home.  I was totally out of it.  But I got busy with some stuff that - I had organized 2 weeks ago and the alleged yard man simply trashed since then. The warehouse manager asked me to pleeeeasse go out and clear that area up.  Dude, I JUST cleaned that up 2 weeks ago.  There isn't any good reason for it to be like that already.  Noooo - in his extremely deep-throated voice normal for him  - there isn't.  

I didn't argue with him, just went over there and cleaned it all up and reorganized the entire mess - again.  There is speculation the yard man is going to lose his job.  I don't really wish that upon him, but, at the same time?  He is totally sucking at what he is supposed to be doing and we aren't talking an extremely difficult job.  He likes to play on his phone, sleep, take off on personal errands and flap his lips in the main office with certain individuals more than he likes to - work.  

It was just non-stop garbage all day long. Doing the stuff the "yard man" "refuses" to do.  Which is most everything that he is supposed to be doing.  He's out for the week on vacation.  I proceeded to clean up the pipe yard for the - 500th? - time, including hauling a bunch of a certain type of pipe out of that yard to the new yard next to the main yard - which is across the street.  I loaded it all on the semi.  Once over there? I got the fork lift stuck. We are talking a huge forklift with HUGE front tires that have giant knobs on them for traction.  I thought it was funny.  I got it stuck, so I backed the semi trailer up to it, hooked a chain to both frames, found the other driver and got to cranking.  Tires spinning, I actually had to engage the interaxle lock to get that forklift out of that mudhole!

The day went like that - ALLLLLLLL day long. I was SO worn out by the time it was over, I barely made it home. I just wanted to stop on the side of the highway and go to sleep.  I'm totally serious. I'm forcing myself to stay up until at least 8:30.    

That's it. Just about passed out on the floor after I got done there to play with Addler.  

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