Friday, November 20, 2015

What do you do with a relationship where the other party find very little to nothing good about much of anything you say or do?  Get out of it.  Was just thinking about all of this nonsense today.  I may have to give a judge an answer - if asked about why this is happening - and I need to be sure to come up with a good one.  There is no man on the face of this planet that could ever fulfill all of her demands, I know this for a fact.  I continue to remind myself of this and many other things about what happened between us, over and over.  For likely, I am being extremely negatively talked about in her "circles" - which aren't big and likely being blamed for all of her current woes in her freedom group at church.  I know how she talks about her ex and about her kids when they leave and how she is generally.  I've actually not been talking about her hardly at all to anyone, not even the people here at the house I am living at.

I don't need to defend myself and anyone that knows her already understands.

The weekend is here.  I am still not feeling very well.  I will likely do a few things around here just because I want to - but anything that takes a lot of energy? No thanks. That will just make me start hacking and coughing and extending the length of this illness.  I am, actually, still looking for fencing for the back yard.  I found some not too long ago but I never got an answer, even after I changed my "bid" to simply agreeing to pay the full price they were asking.  It was enough fencing to do - far more than I needed.  There just aren't many options in this area.  Either pay full price for the materials or continue to search and hopefully find something.  I just don't want to drive to Dallas/Forth Worth area for it.  But eventually? I will if it comes down to it.  For the project is on hold indefinitely until a fence is erected around the desired improvement area.

And I'm not leaving Addler out of the fault here. He is a giant, goofy, clumsy Great Dane. He would likely do as much damage to any beautification area as any of the rest of the dogs.  He hasn't done anything yet - but the other dogs have pretty much taken care of everything.


Well lookitthat.  I just received, while writing this entry an email from her oldest daughter.  She writes "I'm doing the divorce decree for y'all" and so forth - speaking as  if it were some trivial matter.  But whatever.  She asks for information to get this thing over and done with.  All fine and well, and I gave her most of it, but, I flatly stated that I will not agree to signing off on anything until she lets me come and get my stuff back.  I will go before a judge before I sign off on what - just letting her have my stuff?  SCREW THAT.

Well there have been numerous emails now, as I got sidetracked from this entry - which happens pretty much every time I start writing one - and she started emailing me back.  Basically, she writes up the decree, brings it over here with my stuff including my 4 wheelers and I sign off on it, walaah, done deal.  I guess.  Judge still has to sign off on it, but she does work for a law office at least. I want this done soon.  I told her I was tempted to just come get my 4 wheelers regardless. I'm afraid they are going to destroy them intentionally. At least this one is remaining neutral.

Whatever.  I'll get her the info tomorrow - I plain don't feel like it tonight, have to dig out VIN for my car.  She is going to be informed before she comes over here that I will be reading every single, last word of whatever she is bringing for me to sign and if I don't agree with any portion of it, I will summarily reject the entire document.  Prudence dictates - at least for her - that she simply send me the text via email beforehand. But whatever.  We're taking steps in the "right" direction, I guess, in getting this over with.

Enough.  I'm tired, time to get some rest.

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