Friday, November 27, 2015

This blogging format is much different than the other one. Had forgotten it's nuances.
Anyway, tomorrow is, hopefully, the big day.  I was talking to a coworker about what's going on - he always asks - and he said he could get his brother to come and help him move my 4 wheelers to my new residence.  Okay, I'll take you up on that.  Numerous emails and texts later going both ways - Val's daughter and this co-worker - and we have it worked out for tomorrow morning at 11 am.  I don't care if it's raining, which it is forecast to do, I want my things back and the only things I can't bring on my own are the 4 wheelers.

I'll give kudos to the daughter for not getting personally/emotionally involved and making any kinds of "comments".  I have said nothing to her like that, either.  Keep it friendly, keep any angst out of it, let's get this over with.  I'm sure she's elated this is happening.  Which doesn't bother me.  In reality, if Val really wanted to remarry, she should be remarrying previous ex.  He is nothing like she makes him out to be.  I know this from talking to him myself, others talking to him and yet more saying that Val - brings alot of this stuff on herself and blows things way out of proportion.

But that isn't anything I am going into here, I've done enough of that already - infinitum - on this and other blogs.  Whether it's God's will or not, it's happening, she has her head set on it, it's almost a done deal.  After tomorrow and presuming this actually happens, I will sign off on the paperwork at her place - after everything is loaded into the truck and my car and I determine that nothing has been intentionally trashed, mostly directed towards my 4 wheelers. I won't go further with that thought, I am hopeful they are still in the same condition as when I last saw them months ago.

Thanksgiving was quite wonderful, changing the subject.  I was fortunate that they invited me - they being my landlords - to their feast along with their friends.  I visited with them all the entire time they were here, enjoyed very good food and was thankful I wasn't alone for that particular holiday.  I was also thankful that my middle brother didn't leave my mom alone for the holiday - he went over and helped cook Thanksgiving dinner and spent it with her.

I don't know about Christmas. Will be a very different Christmas than last year, when I was going around having fun finding presents for everyone and generally attempting to enjoy the season regardless of one particular individual that takes no or very little joy in any celebration, even her own birthday.  I have mixed feelings about it - but it is what it is and the course is - well almost unchangeable.  Anything could happen, but for my part, this relationship is completely over with, just the formality of the legal process to get it officially over with.

I don't even known what I am doing for Christmas.  Air travel during these 2 holidays isn't cheap.  I wouldn't actually expect it to be.  I just wish it wasn't so far, I could drive there.  You just aren't going to drive 1,200 plus miles in one day.  I might could make 1,000, but 1,200 is absolutely too much. Ive done more than that in a truck and I was hating life at the ends of those trips.  Trying to stay awake and get the miles behind you.  Anything over a day's drive makes it undoable.  More time on the road than spent with those you are going to visit. Well, I could do one of those week off things and have enough time to spend.  I don't know, but I am not considering doing that for Christmas.  Just too much.  I will likely be dealing with thoughts of last Christmas and a failed relationship , as much as I don't want to do that, driving just gives even more time to dwell on such things.

I still affirm, though, that I am ready to start dating whenever the court says this is a done deal.

I did go to Walmart last night, but not until after the  initial madness was over.  I wanted to get Christmas lights and ornaments, but the line to get into that area was well over 100 people long.  They wouldn't let me in there to look at lights - I had no interest in the electronics that everyone was wanting and that was the line was for, not for lights and ornaments.  I gave up on that idea and eventually found some nice winter, long sleeve shirts on huge mark down and socks as well.  There were 5 cop cars parking in front of the store and even more patrolling the parking lot and adjacent areas.  Small town.  It is entertaining to watch people yelling at each other, running into each other and everything else that goes into a Walmart sale such as this.

Anyway, I went into work this morning, no-one was there. I wondered if they had changed their minds about opening up shop. The new driver showed up 15 minutes later and then? No-one for another hour after that.  The manager showed up, sent the new driver home, had me pull an order for Monday and the yard man - swept floors.  At 11 am, he sent us home.  Now, I get paid for a full day and I knew they would be closing shop early.  That's why I went into work this morning, so I wouldn't lose another day's worth of vacation hours since I'm taking a week off coming Christmas week.

After work, I went to Home Depot and found much better pricing on one day sale/Black Friday than Walmart had. I didn't spent that much, I just wanted lights and the crowd was light.  Down the street, Family Dollar had a package deal of ornaments, got that for 5 bucks and then headed home.  Visited Addler for a while, then off to Lowe's - got a 3-1/2 foot Christmas tree, put the lights on it and then? Forgot that you have to buy the hooks for the ornaments, lol.  Maybe tomorrow after getting my stuff back. Actually, landlords might have some.

I did buy myself a Christmas present today. Online sale.  A 20 inch desktop computer monitor for $59. That's an awesome deal. The one I am currently using black out frequently and was going to buy one off of Craigslist. But, can't go wrong with  I'm going to buy my mom, maybe my brothers and probably my landlords a present this year and that's the end of it.  Last year was a far more extensive list.  I bought something for 7 out of 9 of her kids and her as well.

Oh, got some 99 cent Poinsettas at Home Depot today as well.  I mean, you aren't going to find them at that price even at Christmas when they are trying to get rid of them.  One day sale on those.

I'm very hopeful about getting my stuff back.  4 wheelers can be ridden in this neighborhood.  I dunno if legally or not. Next door neighbor is a Sheriff deputy and his kid is riding their 4 wheeler around here all the time.  Not that this is a good place to ride them, but a joy ride once in the while? Yeah.

Divorce won't be done - through the courts that is - til' after Christmas. And then, I will have some decisions to make.  Much of that will depend on what my company says either about the promotion or the pay raise.  Though I am about giving up hope on either of those.  It's been quite a while and no word back.  That isn't exactly a good sign - the other driver wasn't given an answer either. Actually, that's pretty lame.  Other driver is training to get his CDL A and then he's going to quit.  He's young.  I ain't young, though I have more options with as much driving experience as I do.  Just the idea of starting from scratch with a new company, gag.  I keep holding out hope they will up the ante, but something in me tells me that isn't going to happen.

Well, enough.  My tree is up and full of lights! I just wish I had remembered to get hooks to hang my ornaments!

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...