Saturday, November 28, 2015

We were supposed to meet up at 11am. But my co-worker ran into two problems.  First, his brother decided he couldn't use his trailer.  My co-worker - Terrance - said in a text "he's being a d***".  Yup, family can do that.  Nothing new under the sun. So, he ended up borrowing one of our outside salesman's trailer. But didn't know what trailer he was getting from who. Second, he was pulled over by a State Trooper for lights out on the trailer.  It was a simple fix: the pigtail connector just not on good enough.  Terrance is a pretty laid back dude, so for him to say the Trooper was treating him like a - d*** - was not surprising since some law enforcement can definitely act that way even if you are being totally respectful, but still.

He finally showed up an hour and a half late.  But that phased me not, what did phase me was when I saw that trailer.  Umm, Terrance, both of the 4 wheelers are likely not going to fit on there.  Well, maybe we can lift one up into the back of the pickup? Terrance is a big boy - but not that big.  That's a long way off the ground.  I'm not busting my balls over anything, not after what happened to me earlier this year and subsequent pain coming and going.  Infrequent and low pain, nothing like what it was when it first hit me.  I fear this going on for the rest of my life.

Regardless, we get over there, my stuff outside in a box.  I didn't have that much left over there, but I knew my satellite dish wasn't fitting into that box by itself, much less with everything else. But that was quickly located after she - the daughter - called mom.  No-one home, I didn't expect anyone there, though interesting to see all of the kid's shoes lined up outside.  Yet, the minivan was gone so I knew she was gone, the kids likely at dads house.

Brought back some - feelings - going over there. The cows recognized the sound of my car and started howling at me.  Good memory for cows.  I got out and started talking to my coworker who pulled up behind me and those cows started going crazy.  They're 300 feet off, btw, out of sight, not like they could see me.  I went into view of them and the black one just went into a non-stop litanny of screaming, mooing and howling.  Mostly a howling, screeching type of noise.  Hungry cows, I thought, not anything I can do about that, that's her department.  Both of my 4 wheelers were sitting side-by-side out front.  Nathan had this whole thing pegged long ago.  It would never work.  I saw a piece of paper in a plastic bag taped to the seat of the Honda.  I knew who it was from before I picked it up, opened it and read it.

His name isn't Nathan. It's Nathanael or he likes to go by Nate, but I called him Nathan from the get go and that is how he referred to himself in the letter.  I guess I wasn't prepared to deal with that.  No, I definitely wasn't prepared to deal with the content of the letter.  Very touching message from him and very much asking if I would give him the 4 wheeler as well.  We had discussed that - several times in the past - "if" it didn't work out between us, his mom and I that is.  He always said it would never work.  "Nothing good ever happens to us".  It threw me off kilter.

But, I still got busy. Pulled the big 4 wheeler up in there first and pretty much figured the Honda wouldn't fit.  But I tried anyway.  Nope, won't fit.  Sat there for half an hour trying to figure out a way to get that thing in there.  If I'm going to have my druthers, I'd druther have the big one.  It cost a lot more than that Honda and it is an automatic.  That thing is a beast.  I love that thing! I really don't even like riding the Honda, I got it for Nathan at the time. That was quite a while back.  It's a 5 speed manual tranny. I push gears all over the place too much at work.  I am pretty much a fan of automatic transmissions unless it is a truck/semi or a motorcycle.

We really had quite a close, tight relationship for quite a while there until he = well actually he got into teenager stuff and that is really quite normal.  It started coming back near the end.  I'll never forget the last words he spoke to me the last time I saw him: Ben, I may never see you again.  Why do you think that? Because you and mom are a very odd couple.

The reality of it is, if I could have fit that thing on that trailer, it would be here right now. But, I am very happy to have most of my stuff back - though my shop vac wasn't there - I didn't ask for it, though.  I figured she wanted to be done with me and that anything I had bought she would be dumping out there.  Actually, her memory is very, very poor, she may think she bought that thing.  I would have asked for it today as well but it totally slipped my mind. The letter from Nathan threw me for a loop.

Well, I wrote him a letter back.  Nice to hear from you, I'm sure you will do well in life, stuff like that.  I then said that I couldn't fit that thing on the trailer anyway, I would think about whether or not to give it to you and I'll get back with your sister when I decide.  I'm going to think about it for a few days and then give him a reply.  I wouldn't ride the thing, to be honest, but I could sell it for - around $900.  It needs front tires and a part to fix the rear brakes.  Other than that, it's in very good condition.  No, it's in excellent condition besides those two things. Okay the clutch, but that was there in my mail, I ordered it two months ago.

Well, that's enough for now. It's Saturday.  Dog woke me up early - as normal for that dog. He's my new alarm clock.  A cold, wet snout that big being pushed into your sleeping face at 5:30?  Wake ya up every single time!

Time to take a nap.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...