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The weekend is here.  It is a very nice day outside, I'm amazed how nice the weather is
considering it's well into December.  Last year at this time, it was freeeeezing cold here
and not too much fun at work.

Speaking of work, the other driver and I were informed by our manager that the pay
raise is up in the air between the new general manger and my company's headquarters.
But I know this isn't true.  It is completely up to the discretion of the GM as to who gets
paid what according to cap limits on the particular position as set forth by corporate.
And I also know there are no cap limits for a truck driver.  I would have been making
around $24 per hour right now with the raise I would have gotten - which would have
been substantially more than the one I got over here this year, at least double.

The new driver has finally gotten enough people pissed off that he is likely going to be
let go after the New Year.  I don't disagree with that assessment. Number 1, it …