Saturday, December 12, 2015

The weekend is here.  It is a very nice day outside, I'm amazed how nice the weather is
considering it's well into December.  Last year at this time, it was freeeeezing cold here
and not too much fun at work.

Speaking of work, the other driver and I were informed by our manager that the pay
raise is up in the air between the new general manger and my company's headquarters.
But I know this isn't true.  It is completely up to the discretion of the GM as to who gets
paid what according to cap limits on the particular position as set forth by corporate.
And I also know there are no cap limits for a truck driver.  I would have been making
around $24 per hour right now with the raise I would have gotten - which would have
been substantially more than the one I got over here this year, at least double.

The new driver has finally gotten enough people pissed off that he is likely going to be
let go after the New Year.  I don't disagree with that assessment. Number 1, it is impossible
to get another driver before then - even temp drivers have to go through our company's
extensive screening process and number 2, well, just a little heartless to do that at Christmastime.

Work has been irritating me though.  I clean up the pipe yard, others come in and trash it. This has been going on for a while to the point I took some pics of the alleged yard man who unloaded a pipe truck and just dumped the pipe where it doesn't belong, on top of other pipe that is different diameter or even totally different type of pipe - and left it that way.  In other words, someone HAS to come behind him and put the pipe away where it belongs, instead of him just putting it where it belongs as he is unloading the truck.  I have unloaded thousands of trucks, I know it can be done! lol.  I sent the pics to my manager, but I know it's a losing battle. He texted back thanks for showing me this, but nothing was done about it.  The manager has been working there since he was 17 - he's in his 30's now.  The yard man has been there for somewhere around 20 years.  My manager has too much emotional content involved with that yard man - the driver who wrecked the truck and did $12,000 worth of damage to the truck and over 100k of damage (totaled vehicles) to vehicles he smashed.

As per the raise and/or promotion, I just want an answer. It's been what, 2 months? Ridiculous.

I've done no Christmas shopping.  I am just buying for mom, my son and the people I am living with. I mean, I blocked my middle brother on FB.  He has no desire to have a relationship with me, unfriended me a couple of years ago and has never wanted to "re-friend", I am fed up with it. I would rather not see his posts on my mom's wall.  My oldest brother doesn't do Facebook or any other social media - I actually don't blame him - he has no desire to be with family but once per year.  Yup, once per year. He does see mom when she's up at her property though. He has a cabin down the dirt road about - 7 miles? away.  It is a uniquely strange situation to have a family that doesn't want to see each other.  I have given up on it.  And I don't feel compelled to buy Christmas presents for people that want nothing to do  with me.

So, when I take my week off for Christmas? What?  lol.  I have no plans, whatsoever. I am feeling highly umotivated. Last year I spent it with Val and 6 of her kids.  Well actually, all but 1 showed up during that day.  Now I have no-one to share it with but these folks.  As for finding a lady friend, that is likely not going to happen that fast. In fact, I am still attempting to decide which online dating service I want to try.  They all cost money and I have no idea which of them might have better results than others.  They are likely all the same, with a lot of desperate people wanting instant families and instant fathers to take care of their children and - pay for them.  They may not admit that, but it becomes quickly understood that is really all they want once you realize that they don't CARE if there is a magnetic attraction or even love, just please pay for my kids, thanks.

I had been living a life on hold because of the divorce, but the divorce is over, the damage is not undone.  I have much more to deal with internally than I initially thought.  It was so easy for her to just tune me out of her life like flipping a light switch. It is  perplexing thought that likely will stay with me the rest of my life.  Yet, that is still not going to stop me from searching.  I have a large number of people responding to my POF ad (plenty of fish) but you have to pay to see the messges.

That's it. I think I will go outside and replace the headlight bulb on my car and then go out somewhere and just relax at a restaurant or something.

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