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So I signed up for POF - Plenty Of Fish. I went through hundreds of pics of ladies in this area and found maybe a dozen that stood out to me.  The amazing thing was the pics themselves.  People posting pics of their dogs (instead of themselves, not with their dog), people posting pics of entire groups of people (so who is the person that wants to date?), pics with  2 or 3 people in it (which one is the candidate?), pics with the lady hugging or touching a guy (wth, why do I want to date a person that has another guy in the pic?) and then there were pics of ladies that frank? Looked like men.  
Well, anyway.  I'll try that one for a month and if nothing comes of it, I'll try and I just remembered about Christianmingle.  They're all 30 something per month for one month and price goes down for more than one month.  
The dude here had advice for me: just go to bars and meet up with women and have one night stands, you'll find someone eventually. Rofl.  Okaaaaaay.…