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How to give your dog antibiotics pills

I am writing this particular entry for those that are having a hard time getting their dogs to take whatever pills you are wanting them to take (and I would like to insert here to NEVER give your dog Tylenol/aceteminophine or aspirin for pain, only give them ibuprofen).  Mine is the easiet, most effective way to get it done and is over with in a few seconds.

There are sites all OVER the internet that tell you to hide pills in their dog food, rolled up in a piece of cheese, hidden in meat, whatever.  Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, they can smell that thing in there and more often than not either won't eat what you are attempting to hide the pill in or will "remove" the pill and then eat the treat.

The following works, every single time, without fail:  Get a hold of the dog's snout (from the top), pull up and open his mouth.  Put the pill on your fingertips and stick it as far back in his mouth as you can get it.  Then, with one finger only, push the pill all t…