Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Well, that was interesting.
We had a meeting at work after the day was done.
The things that were rumored - were brought out as fact.
A salesman is moving to Baton Rouge to be branch manager.
My manager is taking his position. The complete, total and all around
jerkoff purchasing officer is going to take my manager's position.
I VERY much dislike this man.  His history preceeds him.  He has
no personality.  He does not return gesstures of hi and how ya doing?
He looks at you funny but says nothing back.

The man has a temper, for one thing.  I absolutely do NOT tolerate
managers raising their voice at me or yelling.  But then again, neither does
corporate policy. Which doesn't mean anything, really. They may not condone
it but nothing would be done about it.  I am sitting here thinking of starting to
put in applications.  For the other thing that totally irked me today? The
General Manager.  Have you come to a decision on the money request?  He
looks at me blankly.  Remember we discussed a raise 2 months ago?  He had
to think about it.  Obviously, he had completely forgotten about the entire thing.

Which I find offensive.  But it's whatever.  I give up benefits to go work somewhere
else but I get more money if nothing else.  I was going to wait until after the New Year but with today's revelations I have changed my mind. Time to start looking now. This new manager has a huge chip on his shoulder and is an angry person.  He is a brown noser and two-faced - puts on a good show for his management peers but has nothing but sourness for everyone else and that, in my mind, doesn't bode well for a potential manager/employee relationship. I'm really trying to attempt to see how this could actually work out.  But he's also a micro-manager and I detest that.  I'm good with management doing what they are supposed to do, I do NOT need or WANT a pesron looking over my shoulder.

Well, whatever.  Spent a great deal of time perusing pictures and going through profiles on Plenty Of Fish. Lots of potentials, but lots of ladies that don't seem to get on to their profiles too much.  I paid for a month of it, so I'm going to try it for a month and if it doesn't pan out, moving on to Match.com.
I am so distracted by work right now.

It's Christmas time and I'm sitting here with all of this going on, freshly divorced.  Oh well.  My doggy loves me : )

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