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Just a quick entry.
I had opportunity to sit down with my current manager
(versus the new one coming in whenever that is going to officially take place)
and have a "discussion".  I'm not going to sit around work and have all of these
issues unfolding before my eyes and not have anything to say about it.  First off is the
temperament - that's what I called it and though that is normally an adjective to describe
the state of a dog's or other animal's ability to get along with who or whatever - I thought
the word very fitting for the dude coming in.

Because that guy has a short fuse (this was told to me twice in the last few days by a few
people), gets angry easily, has a mouth and will yell at workers.  He AIN'T yelling at me,
not without consequences.  My manager replied saying yes, and we are talking to him about
that.  He used to be a heavy drinker but no more and he has calmed down quite a lot since
the days of his anger fits.

That did very little to r…