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The Night before Christmas.
Not a lot going on here.
Got up late, went to several stores, got my haircut and came home.
Was messing around with Addler and the other dogs when the next
door neighbor kids come up to the fence.  Addler was getting agitated
by one of the puppies that simply won't leave him alone - until he deals
with it.  The puppy attacks him, bites him and that's when Addler digs
into the dog.  I mean, gets on top of it, pounds his paw down on it, flings
it to the ground and lets it know who's boss.  The puppy decided to try to
bite him anyway, which is when Addler - gave it right back to him.  No blood drawn, but I am not going to fault him for defending himself against a stupid dog that doesn't seem
to understand that Addler is at least 5 times bigger than the puppy and the puppy
needs to stop.

The puppy - it's not a small, it's about 50 pounds now - started howling carrying on
in fear and went whimpering off.

I gave Addler a cowhide chew bone …