Friday, December 25, 2015

Here it is Christmas Day and I am here all alone, excepting for my pooch, Addler.  The folks here apparently had a change of mind and are spending the entire day at a friend's house not far away.  Considering it's 3:16 pm, I am decidely not going to cook that roast today.  They are likely eating over there and I am not going to cook that big of a feast just for myself.  It will go back into the refrigerator and cook it tomorrow or Sunday.

However, if I had known this, I would have changed my plans considerably.  I'm not necessarily wanting to spend Christmas alone.  I'm not feeling sorry for myself nor having a pity party, I'm just a people oriented person and Christmas is my favorite holiday of the entire year, it kinda sucks that I am sitting home, alone.  John Wayne movies on all day, though, that's a plus.

I'm seriously considering treating myself and pup to a La Quinta Inn overnight stay.  Yup, they take any size dog.  I know this because I have a friend that breeds Danes and she stays at La Quinta all the time, including taking a Dane to the pool!  I don't think she lets it swim, just you usually cannot leave a dog in a room unattended.  I haven't decided.

Meanwhile, I found a doggy park both here where I live and a much larger one in Longview.  I really want to get Addler off the leash onto a large plot of land where he can run freely.  No longer living on 36 acres, which I do miss but certainly not the "company" that went along with it, he is a very active dog and I would like to give him opportunity to have some free running range - that is fenced.  When I figure I can trust him to come back to me without having to chase him, then I can just take him out to public land where he can run as free as the wind.


8 hours later. lol
They came home.  Are you still going to make dinner?  Umm, well I thought you
guys would have already eaten.  It will be 7 to 8 before we eat. We'll be up. lol
Okay.  I got everything out and prepared a pretty darn good meal if I do say so myself.
After that, I went out on the front porch to enjoy beautiful weather.  That's when I was invited
over to the next door neighbor's - the Sheriff's house.  Okay, I could use some company in the
midst of gentlemen.  Sure enough, there were 3 of them out there and they were all very cool

I sat out there for 3 hours cutting the bull with them and laughing it up, ended up being a
much better day in the socialization department than I could have imagined.  Well actually it was longer than that cause' it's past midnight, wayyyy past my bedtime!  No biggies, don't have to get up early tomorrow and allegedly rain's a coming.

I learned quite a bit about law enforcement social life, never really been exposed to that before.  They were smoking expensive cigars and drinking high dollar liquor.  I had a few drinks, but I stopped after a couple.  I don't need or want to drink all night long. They were drinking and drinking and drinking, but they weren't drunk.  They must drink a lot ot have that kind of tolerance.  I'm not judging them, I was happy to be in the company of some cool people having good conversation.  I just guess I didn't expect to see that.

Well, Turned into a very pleasant day.  I still like the idea of spending a day/night at La Quinta though : )

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