Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well isn't that fancy.  She ignored 2 emails and then blocked me on the third one.  Thank you AOL for sending me a rejected email delivery telling me exactly why it was rejected - she had my email sent to spam.  That was 15 minutes ago.  I immediately sent her a text message. Either agree to me coming and getting my 4 wheeler or I will file a motion in the divorce court - for the 4 wheeler is specifically stated as my property in the paperwork - and you can explain to a judge why you are refusing to give my property back.

Well isn't that sweet. She wrote back a - nasty for her - version of a text.  So, I went further with it. My shop vac, pellet rifle, battery charger, missing pair of roller blades, drain snake and a $100 check she gave me which I didn't cash because she was broke when she took charge over the phone I bought for Nathan.  Really, if she wants to get nasty, I can go there for I am not happy about a lot of things, but I can deal with it. The idea, though, that she would completely ignore my emails about my 4 wheeler was crossing the line.

Let's dance. After hearing what she has said to my landlady, what she said to me in that text message was completey false.  But it's whatever. Just give me my 4 wheeler back - wouldn't mind my battery charger too since 4 wheelers sometimes have dead batteries - but it's whatever.

Getting a bit fired up. All she had to do was agree to my getting the 4 wheeler, instead, she chose to ignore 2 emails and then spam block me on the one today.  This is childishness, but not unexpected from her.

Well, I've got lung congestion and I have no idea whether I will go to work tomorrow or not.  I do know that I have the truck loaded with pipe, I pulled the fittings for the order on Friday but didn't get them shrink wrapped.  It was past 5 pm and I just wanted to get the pulling stuff over with for Monday morning.  I'll see about whether I am going to work or not in the morning, but at this point, as crappy as I'm feeling, I'm still thinking I am going to go.

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