Saturday, May 14, 2016

DAy 6 Water Fasting Complete

This was a very long day.  We drove down south and went to a college there to attend a CHL class.  Actually, they have changed the name of it to LTC - simply meaning license to carry.  It started at 8 am and it took until 6 pm to complete.  So, sitting in a class room until around 3 pm, with an hour lunch break, of which I didn't eat obviously, so I just hung out at the college while the people I was with went to get food.  I didn't want to be exposed to that.  Stay away from "temptation".  Nothing wrong with food, it's not sinful to eat, not saying that, just right now, I'm focused on getting at least 7 days done.

Well, Day 7 starts now, actaully.  Anyway, the hardest part of today was at the shooting range.  Number one, you are under pressure to score a minimum score to pass.  Most there were nervous, I was at first.  My hands were shaking.  I'm thinking: gee, I just spent an entire day with this, it would really suck to fail after all of that.  2, I ran out of ice water and was getting really thirstly, it was warm out there today - albeit I was wearing a jacket in the college classroom, I was freezing in there.  3, we were standing the hole time which was over 2-1/2 hours.  Normally I wouldn't even care about standing that long, but right now, no thanks.  It took it out of me, though the ride home and now sitting in my bedroom, I'm feeling much better.

So, I didn't really have any hunger pangs today.  I just got tired, I needed to take a nap and the only opportunity to was at lunch time but there was nowhere to lay down there without it looking strange.  At least during work this last week I found opportunities to take 15 minute naps here and there which really helps.  But, I'm resolved to make it until tomorrow night at least, which would be the 7 day minimum.  I really want to go 10 days though, I'll decided that tomorrow evening.

The TMI secion. Short but really for people that found this blog wanting personal experiences of what happened to a person on a fast.  I got home today, sat down, thought I was passing gas and no.  Anyway, This liquid coming out of the back end was bright yellow.  I've never seen anything like that.  Whatever's going on in there, teh detox must be working because that isn't normal.  Urine is still yellow but not dark at all.  Still, after this much time one would figure it would be clear, which does happen on juice fasting after only a few days.  Which simply tellls me that juice fasting isn't near as effective as water only fasting.  But, the experts say that water only fasting is the fastest, most effective way to detox.

There isn't really much else.  My headaches have all but subsided as of today.  Had one this morning but it went away.  I'm an hour into the 7th day and I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm tired for one and also have to be at church at 9 am to help serve communion in the morning.  I definitely am not going to stop fasting before I go to church, I believe there is something that will be said that will speak directly to what I am doing.  

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