Friday, May 13, 2016

Halfway through Water Fast Day 5

This'll be a short one, with a more detailed version later.
I slept like a baby last night. I'm not joking and no, that's nor  normal for me. I almost never sleep through the night.  Such a rare occasion that whenever it does happen, I just sit in wonder and try to think what happened to cause that?

I've had a Chalazion that appeared out of the blue in my right eye for almost 2 months now.  Been to the doctor twice and they gave me this and that - and charged me a small fortune - for treatmets that didn't work. Looking at it this morning it has significantly reduced in size.  Yes, if you do any reading about water only fasting you will find that can indirectly cure all kinds of common maladies and even some serious ones.  I read one blog of an organization that actually facilitates fasting.  People come for 7 days.  This is kinda where I established a minimum baseline for water fasting, but going on longer actually may have

My digestive system is certainly going through some sort of change.  My stomach was tight thight morning and something was goingon down there.  That whole system hasn't been right for a while and was another reason I wanted to do this fast.  It will, conceivably, fix your digestive system and whatever ails if it you go on the fast long enough. I'm more resolved now to make it through Sunday evening than I have been all week. I just have to make it through the work day today and then I have the weekend to do much of nothing and rest.  I'm sure I will be tempted to take this on to 10 days by the time Sunday gets here.

Well I feel pretty good - right now We'll see how that works out duirng the work day.

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