Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I posted somewhat about this before the divorce.
This dude calling Valerie on a daily basis - while we were still married.
Well, I find out today, she's married to him.

You didn't read that wrong.  She has already remarried and to this dude she was allegedly only "talking to" on the phone.  I asked her at the time: have you been having sex with him?   The fact that she could remarry what amounts to a total stranger in such a short time. Conversely, the fact that she was basically dating this dude before we got divorced. It will be a good thing that I don't ever happen upon them together in public somewhere.  For if that happens, there will be a confrontation.  I didn't say violence, don't read what I didn't say, but there will be a verbal confrontation and it won't be pleasant.

 Not seeking any of this out, I just don't ever want to see them together, for in my world, that is an extremely bad, evil and deceitful thing to do.  I don't wonder if I couldn't get a lawyer to sue on this.  I consider this marital unfaithfulness and I have a solid case for damages.  She is rich now, she apparently got a retirement lump sum and she  has sold her house and already moved to the new property.  I helped her sell that house.  I spent my own money on paint and materials to make that place look as presentable as possible without spending a fortune on it.

Whatever.  I may dwell on this to some extent in the next coming days. Natural human response, wouldn't you say?

I got my 8 hours in today, left at 3pm, drove to - what I couldn't find the address. It was leading me to the police department but this is a private company.  Well I tried a different map and it had the same ending.  So, I went into police headquarters and lo and behold, there was a sign in the lobby with the name of the company on it and a lady sitting on a couch - no-one else there - asking me if I was there for fingerprinting.  Yup, I am.  I'm early too. No matter, she replied, other clients aren't here.  It took about 15 minutes to complete.  Thumbs.  Fingers.  Each finger including a side print.  They got me in their system, but then again, they've had me in their system since I was 13 years old.

 Now it's a waiting game up to 3 months to actually get the license.  Not a big hurry. I don't have a handgun that will work for concealed carry and I don't want to open- carry.  I was given several names of guns for consideration by the officer that conducted the course, I will look into it once I get the license.

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  1. Ha That aint gonna last. Don't let it weigh on your mind too much. Just be glad you got away before it had a chance to destroy you.


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