Friday, May 13, 2016

Mostly non-fasting post.  I got to the jobsite today and listened to the brother of the guy in the hospital - his brother was involved in a cave-in in a man-hole down in the sewer pipe - go on and on and on, not about his brother, but about current and previous girlfriends.  It was somewhat intersting in that this person availed himself to so much of the kind of stuff that had been dished out and hadn't simply moved on.  Reminded me of me - should have moved on from last relationship long before it happened.

We are picking up 40 foot sections of pipe from their yard in Monroe, LA, the pipe has been sitting there for almost 2 years.  That construction company is going to take a loss on it, the pipe is old and will have to sell for less and the supplier agreed to sell it on consignment.  It's actually a good deal for the construction company, otherwise they would just have to eat it and that's that. It wasn't our company's fault for selling too much to them.  They had a change of plans on the job by the engineers and they were stuck with it.

Anyway, today was the 2cd trip, there are at least 3 more trips to go for there is still alot of pipe there. It's a good run - 1 hour 40 minutes to the job site, 2 hours to load the truck, 2 hours to the supplier, 1 and a half hours back.  That doesn't include the other delivery I had today in Monroe, which always takes ridiculously long, they are never in a hurry.  So I ended up with 47 hours this week which is a heckuva lot better than the 40 we were dictated.

Tomorrow I'm taking the CHL class which is an all day thing and then going to church tomorrow night.  I think, anyway, I'm pretty sure this is the weekend to do the CHL.  I've simply forgotten for sure and will ask her when she gets home.  I got a call earlier to please come to church and help with communion tomorrow evening so I have a full day tomorrow.  Which is good considering the fast and I'm determined to stay on it.  Sunday, different story.  Nothing planned at all. Plenty to do, but may not be advisable to spend the day working around the house.  I want this eye thing gone before I stop the fast.

There is no guarantee, of course, that it will actually go away and frankly, it appears I would have to stay on the fast for 10 or more days for it to actually happen.  Further, there are far greater benefits to staying on the fast longer, the question is: can I handle it?  It would be lovely to just put everything on hold for 21 days and go to a facility and get help and motiavtion with this, but that is impossible, at least at this time.  I'll just have to make that call Sunday night.  Either eat some watermelon, which is what is recommended to come off the fast, or, continue on with it.

One nice side effect I hadn't thought of fasting is that I haven't spent a dime on food this week.  No lunches, no buying dinner food.

Well, I'm pretty tired even afer a good night's sleep and I'm going to rest.

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