Thursday, May 12, 2016

Water Fast Day 4

There is one thing I can say with certainty: If I had had to have done too much physical exertion today, I would have to end this fast.  I'm not saying I didn't exert any evergy at my job today, I did, quite a bit actually, but I was out driving as well which pretty much saved me.  I had to load the truck this morning but it wasn't that much material, drive 1 hour 35 minutes to a delivery site - which I only had to unstrap and then drive to a jobsite to pick up pipe that they contractor couldn't use. That part was the physical part.

This post will undoubtedly get hits for some time to come for the water fast part, so here is the TMI part for those that are searching around the web for personal experiences.  Mine hasn't been quite like anyone else's but that only because, I think anyway, I have had to work every day since I started it.  My job consists of driving trucks, yes, but also lifting and moving around heavy parts, palletizing them, shrink wrapping them, loading them onto the truck and strapping it down.

Today.  As with other days (and I forgot to say this yesterday), cold.  Getting cold in any place with AC.  This is a common occurence with people that are fasting, so I'm not worried about that.  Hunger wasn't that bad, really, in fact, today was a little easier than yesterday, albeit I am now home from work and going to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.  I haven't had any dizzy spells as others have reported, which is a good thing because if I did, I would have to stop the fast immediately.  My urine is still quite yellow, I would have thought that would have cleared up by now but I'll give that one up for getting the toxins out of my system.

I've had bouts of itching.  No idea on that one and also I am coughing out of the blue, here and there, it goes on for a few minutes and then it stops.  Weak. Definitely weak.  Again, I was lucky to drive the truck more than anything today because that really isn't that difficult.  And the sleep problem that many report.  Actually, I was in a deep sleep last night one someone called me at 11:30 pm and that ruined my sleep for the rest of the night.  Grand Praire Texas?  I didn't even bother to answer the phone and they didn't bother to leave a message.

But it was some pretty strange sleep after that.  I really - I don't know it's hard to explain.  But the sleeplessness or strange sleep is also normal. After having that kind of night worth of sleep I would  have thought I would have been out of it this morning, but to the contrary, I actualy felt pretty good for a couple of hours.  That didn't last, though, I became fatigued.

Now according to eveything I have been reading, day 5 is a "magic day".  That starts for me in an hour from now. It supposedly becomes much easier.  I haven't fasted like this in a couple of decades, I don't really remember.  I have fasted in the last couple of years, but that was a fluid fast - not limited to water only.  The water  only fast is  the most difficult one to do, it is definitely a challenge, but the results for de-toxification are much faster than juice diets.  One plus of the water diet is the you are giving your digestive system a rest.

I'm not going to liie, this has been an extremely difficult journey.  It would have been much easier if I hadn't been working - but - the flipside to that is that you have a lot of idle time to sit and think about - fooooood. That happened to me today, though, anyway.  Like a heightened sense of smell, I was smelling food in the air and couldn't see anything anywhere near for the source.  People talking about food on the radio and videos I was watching.  It didn't tempt me to go find the nearest burger joint, though, but the smell, that was hard to ignore.  The folks where I live are good cooks and they make some delicious smelling meals.....ugh.

I have a bit of a windfall for tomorrow at work: I am driving to the same jobsite I was at today and picking up pipe again.  There's like 30,000 feet  of pipe to move from that place.  But, that means 1 hour 45 minutes to the jobsite, 2 hours to load the truck - it just doesn't work the same at a jobsite where pipe has been sitting as it does going to a manufacturer and having them load you, it takes much longer - 2 hours to the vendor who is going to re-sell it for us and another 1-45 minutes back to the yard.  That's almost 8 hours, which will cash in the day unless there is something to do when I get back to the yard.

End of this one.  Another report tomorrow.

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