Friday, May 13, 2016

Water Fast Day 5 Complete

I had much more energy today, much better than the last 2 days, which suggests to me that full ketosis has settled in. Feeding off my fat, of which of lates I have sufficient amounts of for an extended fast, actually.  The only thing today that really got me was strapping down a load of pipe.  It was not even close to the perfection of loading that I prefer - but then again I almost always load my own truck so I don't have to worry about that.  I was out at a jobsite - same one as yesterday - and the pipe has been sitting out there forever. It's been moved around, the bundles have been broken so that the pipe is still strapped, yes, but not in the rectangular form it was in when it came from the supplier.

So,  it makes for some interesting loading.  I wasn't loading it, either but at least they had a guy come out that is very adept in his field of construciton of operating heavy machinery.  Still, the bundles beneath the final top bundles had pipe sticking up, leaving the top 2 bundles at angles and partially exposed on the bottom.  I ended up putting a large numberr of straps on that load - much more than it would normaly take - and I had to crank down the winches very tight.  Well, it's quite the physical exertion to press down that hard on a bar to exert enough force to make the winch turn far enough that one on the teeth is able to engage in the slot to hold it in place.  After climbing up on the truck and getting down several times and then that?  I was depleted of energy big time.

I sat in the truck for a few minutes and got enough back to continue on with the day.  I really didn't even think about food until I was somewhere and the smell of meat cooking wafting through the air.  That was a bit much, I got away from there quickly.  I was less thirsty today.  I have been drinking a lot of water the last 3 days because I had an unquenchable thirst, but today that diminished greatly.

I think actualy this weekend is going to be the most difficult part of this fast.  For rest is what is in order, meaning laying around sleeping and watching tv or reading or whatever. Al fine and dandy, but at work and driving a semi truck all day long, that really takes any focus off of food. Sitting around a house where food is in ample supply - I have enough food to last for at least 6 months, did that on purpose to prepare for the worst if such economic projections of doom and gloom actually come true - may turn out to be a difficult thing to resist.  I mean, on other kinds of diets, such as juice only, you can at least drink something to help defer the cravings.

I still have a minor headache going - I don't know if it's caffeine withdrawals or what, but it's been that way since after the first day of fasting.  Regardless, today wasn't exactly magical - Day 5 that is - as some other have reported but it was easier. I much like the idea that my body is feeding off my fat now.  I should be losing a couple pounds a day at this point, I think.  I dunno, I don't have a scale, last weighing was 215 pounds, which is well beyond anything I am even remotely interested in allowing myself to get up in terms of weight, but, factually, I was probably closer to 220.

The motivation to detox and see some physical ailments alleviated is what is driving me.  People going to facilities that specialize in fasting treatment centers probably have an easier go at it because they have professionals that are talking to them and helping them make it through it.  I don't have any of that, in fact, fasting is quite misunderstood by many people and think you are going to die. Fasting is not starvation.  Starvation occurs in a fast when the fast is over.   You basically lose hunger during a fast, it sounds crazy but it's true.  However, your body will signal you, the experts say, that it's over by a extreme hunger setting in.  If you ignore that, then your body starts feeding off of muscle.  In a 21 day fast, less than 2 pounds of muscle are consumed by the body to make up for some systems that need the glucose to work.  A small price to pay to lose 20 plus pounds of weight, bring your blood pressure down and have your body deal with whatever ailments you may have.

I'm not doing 21 days, not this time anyway. I had originally though to end this Sunday, the 7th day.  But I am seriously considering going until Wednesday.  I'm really just trying to go as long as I can while still being able to function in the real world.  Paychecks are important, so I have to be able to get my work done.  So far, so good.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were difficult days.  Anyway, I am going with the lady landlord tomorrow to do an all day CHL training program.  Concealed carry permit in other words.  That will be a stimulating day and my mind will hardly be on food.  7 days would end on Sunday at 6:30 pm.  Whether I stop or not, I really don't know.

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