Saturday, August 27, 2016

I would like to announce this work week is over.
I have, patting myself on the back since I know no-one else will lol, done a very nice job of ignoring the new manager's unbelievable lack of any kind of social graces and have made all kinds of genuine, amiable gesstures in terms of greetings to him all week long.  How about I just do whatever I can within reason to win him over and that will be that.  Well I'm trying.  Yesterday, my 8 hours was "here" and I told the guy filling in for the dinosaur-aged-minded warehouse dude who is on vacation that I have been here 8.  Well let me go find out what he - the manager from now on, I'll get rid of the new part - says.  Yup, better to cover your @$$. He comes back, the manager says what's an hour?

Well you hear him say that every day, never.  Today was perplexing to me with him, though. We were audited not long ago by corporate and we failed because of the drivers. And not me, thanks and patting myself on the back again, I was the only one that was given a pass, the other drivers failed the entire store and the auditors will be back and who knows when.  Well, one failed part none of us had any knowledge of and that was forklift checklists that are supposed to be performed every day before you get on it.  A useless waste of time, if the thing works, it works if it doesn't call the repair service - but whatever.  I spot stuff wrong on everything. If it's broke, I point it out.  So, today, after a month of  all of us doing it everyday, we lapsed on a series of events that occurred as we came into the yard to deal with that included using 2 forklifts to unload a freight truck that had been unproperly loaded and we had to deal with it.

The perplexing part was him talking about "only one perfect man" that walked the earth, referencing Christ and a few other references to our Lord.  How can a man treat people the way he does in such an abhorent manner and reference the Lord?  Just extremely strange.  I am in a different land and people think differently here and I have tried to integrate myself into this regional thinking, but I'm hardly going to lose myself in it.  Some of it is bizarre and very foreign to me.  I still have trouble understanding what people are saying here.

Whatever the case, I was given the okay to take as much damaged pipe as I want out of the pile.  Thanks. I need more to complete the drainage project but I have no way to get it over here. I have no way of getting it over here, lol, but maybe we'll get another run this way. Actually there's a run to Dallas next week but it won't be my turn on the semi.  I wish it was because there is a dog over there that I really would like to get I just have too much going on here to leave for that length of time.  Still, I need a break from all of this stuff.  I have so much vacation hours saved up now I'm considering a week off soon.  No idea.  I just keep saving them up because I don't know what I want to do.


Now Saturday morning.  Got up, put the rest of my stuff away that I had laying out.  I just find that that kind of thing is a weekend job, not really interested in doing that when I get home from work.  so now, the house is all cleaned up and the new lady here wants to scrub the floors.  Be my guest, there's the supplies!  Lol.  Seriously, I have so much stuff to get done outside that having that kind of help inside is a big plus.  I still have some things to arrange in my room but not really that muich.  I seriously want to dig out a small pond out front.

But, that isn't a priority though if I wanted to do it I would really have to get it done before winter. There's just a big mess out there right now from recent heavy storms that came through from the south - where all that damage was done in Baton Rouge and accompanying areas. We've been getting hit hard.  I also have more ditch to dig and I now have to mow the front yard every weekend since the next door neighbor won't do it like she used to when the owners were living here.  She found a boyfriend and that dude is over there right now, actually, helping her do the yard.  But, we have a new mower and it doesn't take that long. Still, another chore on the list lol.

The front porch really needs to be recoated.  I'm not sure that's anything I want to do this weekend though it doesn't look good out there. But I'd have to buy primer and the concrete paint and that would run the bill up to around 50 bucks. I kinds spent a lot of money on that water heater for m  house in Phoenix and I don't necessarily want to spend that kind of money.  In reality, I really would like to figure out another room so I could rent mine out.  The "extra" money every month would pay for the home improvements instead of  coming out of my pocket.

Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced if I could get a hold of 4 or 5 rental properties that would provide monthly income that would fund my retirement when I get there.  My credit should start going up in  the next few months, meanwhile I"m going to read up on people that are in the business and have the knowleedge.  I found another property so cheap, I would have loved to jump on it.  But, the house is condemned meaning either raze the house altogether or spend a lot of time and money making it livable.  I dont want a huge project house.  Replacing some drywall, fixing up kitchens and bathrooms are okay, but having to redo roofs or broken central ac units is not in the cards.  Too much money and too much time.

There is a very strong rental market in this area, I'm sure I could rent out houses and make a reasonable profit on them.

Well, I got a lot to do today, best to be getting offa here.

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