Saturday, August 6, 2016

New dog still an issue.  Came home yesterday, he was standing out front.  However, their dog hovers over it and attacks it.  Guess that's a no brainer.  If I were a dog and another were doing that to me I wouldn't want to be in that back yard, either.  They're gone in 12 days, the dog going with them so there is that.  Now, whether the dog will stay in the yard when the other one leaves remains to be seen.  Of course, the new dog actually has to live through the experience. No idea where it goes, what kind of traffic it may be running out in front of, if it will get lost, etc.

Heat wave continues.  Tried to get the truck loaded before it got too late in the morning, but that was a non-happening event.  Didn't get out of there until after 11am and it was hot.  Humid type of hot.  Anyway, I get a call from the house today - in Phoenix that is - the water heater is leaking.  Wonderful.  Another $300 plus down the drain.


$447 later and the water heater was purchased - just a few minutes ago actually - now the part about installing it.  Mark says he can do it, I believe he can - but still.  Spent that kind of money and have someone mess it up.  It's an easy install, hopefully he'll get it right. Same exact heater, nothing differnet about the hookups.  Instances like this I wish I was there to do this myself.

I left the tunnel under the sidewalk projecgt go the entire week. Just no energy to even think about dealing with that.  I finally got what was stopping it, for I had the hole coming in from both sides: huge root in the way.  I had to cut the root on both sides of the tunnel with a hacksaw blade, sans the hacksaw itself and in the blind, couldn't see a thing I was doing.  Got that done though and walaah, the holes came together easily.  Now to dig about 28 feet of trench to get it behond the front yard, really should be easy because the trench doesn't need to be deep and it's 4 inch pipe, so a fairly small trench.

Get to that in a while.  Meanwhile, still posting ads for the rooms available after the landlords leave.  Lost of inquiries have occurred so far but.....everyone needing a room right then and there.  Hopefully that changes, but it's still only the 6th, I was just really testing the waters and seeing if there was someone that wanted a place to secure in advance. I may have to reduce the rate and then-have to figure something else out to make up the difference.  I'll remain optimistic until the time comes that the mortgage has to be paid and if there aren't any rooms rented.  Then what?  Reduce the rate, that's all you can do, make up the difference by renting all 3 rooms out and figure out something else to do with me for a room - which I already have 3 ideas, 2 of them easy enough, 1 of them would require turning the backyard carport into a room.  This is something they wanted to do already for a workshop anyway, but the money and time spent.

I could do it though.  2X4's, door, windows, plywood or particle board, plumbing, electrical, dryway, bathroom setup with mini kitchen.  Concrete cutting to install toilet and plumbing.  There's already a roof and it doesn't leak, there's one plus!  Lol but that's not my first option.  Anyway, that's just going to have to be dealt with if the time comes and that bridge needs to be crossed.

Our raises came in yesterday's paycheck. 2% cost of living.  The raise the two of asked for, non-existent.  No explanation, nothing.  There is no future in that place unless you can get to salesman status, but that's the good ole' boy's club, the people that have been there for 20 plus years.  That's just the way it is there, there is no changing it and that isn't even the worst of that situation, the new manager is the worst manager I have ever worked for.  He jokes around with the good ole' boys but gives looks and "sternness" with everyone else.

Well back to the grind I guess. Just happy I have Monday and Tuesday off.  The weekend won't see quite so short.

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