Thursday, August 18, 2016

One thing you learn when it comes to many co-workers: you can't really trust them.  You can't really confide in them unless they are real life friends as well.
Anyway, my coworker calls me today and starts complaining about how the new manager called him into his office and said that he had heard from outside sources that my co-worker was going around telling everyone he is switching over to our competitor.

I think he suspected that I had said something to someone, which I had not.  I know how this new manager works now, you don't give anything away to him at all.  Nothing. Some things are better left alone that most other managers wouldn't have a problem dealing with.  Not this guy, he's a real winner.  I think the thing that passed the manager off is that my co-worker is going to HD Supply which is a major competitor of ours.  Just to see what they would say, when I got back to the yard today after the second run I non-chalantly asked why he had gone home early?  Oh, he got himself into trouble.  Oh?  Yeah, he's been going around telling people that he's quitting and going over to HD Supply.

Who did he tell? Everyone. Actually, that does fit my co-workers MO. He talks a lot, too much, gets himself into trouble.  The problem is, there is some kind of glitch with HD Supply and they told him they may not be able to hire him after all.  Oops.  If I find a new job, they aren't going to find out about it until I tell them I'm quitting.  The new manager came in several weeks ago, lambasted everyone and then told us all that if we want to quit, he doesn't neeeeeeed no advance notice, just get your stuff and leave now.  Notwithstanding the fact that no-one had said anything about quitting.

I intend on calling the General Manager and telling him instead.  No need to burn bridges though I really kinda want to.  So anyway, the new manager took my co-worker's keys from him, told him to go home.  As I said, I just smile at everyone now and say hi and go along with whatever.  So far my searches have come back with negatives, even though they are advertised on the online job hunting sites.  They don't have any positions open and when one does comee available, hundreds of people apply for them almost instantaneously.  It's not really a driver's market for local jobs, it's always a driver's market for OTR or Regional.  I'm really glad, though, that I didn't jump on that.  I wouldn't have been able to stay here at this house for they would have sold it.  I can't be out on the road for a week at a time and attempt to oversee their house, just wouldn't work too well.

Electric use is going to go up here and they have agreed to pay for it. They are home all the time.  The ac was set at 78 when everyone was gone at work. I set it at 74 and I was informed they lowered it to 72 today.  Well nice and fine.  Just help yourself.  That's one of the no no's I have with tenants.  Do NOT touch the thermostat. If it is too hot or cold, we can discuss terms, ie: you pay the difference.  Otherwise, live with it or there are plenty of places up for rent around here - referring to Phoenix though, not here.  I told my landlords to install a locked cover over the thermostat because one particular tenant was turning it way down during the day.  Which in turn was jacking up the electric bill by over $100 per month.  He and his girlfriend had been there for  years, actually, but they decided to get their own place after that.

Another oops on their part.  They found out how much their appetite for electric use was costing and they said that I had spoiled them.  No, they had taken advantage of me and now that they are gone, we aren't going there again.  I won't allow it here, either, without the person or people compensating for the extra electricty.

I have definitely decided to let my stuff wait until this weekend.  Saturday I will deal with the rest of it and the house will look normal again. Another rainy day today and rainy days make me sleepy.  I am like ready to go to bed and it's not even 7 pm yet.  Oh, my stuff that is still out in the main areas of the house.  Nothing worth stealing, lol, my room doesn't have a locking door anyway, though I am considering changing that.  Not that I think these people are thieves, but I find more peace of mind knowing that no-one can go trifling through my stuff.  There are plenty of nosy people in this world that will do stuff like that for no more reason than to just be snoopy.

My checks have been cashed for the passport, though I don't know that that is any guarantee that I'm going to get one. I'm a little leery now going through this stuff with Texas and still not getting any word back on whether I will get the LTC or not.

Addler is still pretty skittish about what's going on here, but I suspect the loss of his pack is the real thing that has unnerved him.  His companions are gone and they aren't coming back.  Well one of them may eventually come back, but honestly? I do not like that dog.  It chews up everything. Plastic pots, plants, trees, garden hoses, you name it, even glass bottles.  It does this all day long and makes a huge mess out in the back.  I got so sick of cleaning up after that dog that I just started only doing it once per week.  They wouldn't clean up at all and I just wantd the place looking at least somewhat presentable. The back yard is basically a disaster and it will take quite a bit of doing to make it something appealing.

I have the stuff to put in a small pond out front. Really, I do. The underliner, the liner and the pump.  Well I don't have the filter, no, wait I do have a filter too! Would have to dig up a lot of dirt to do it. But we spend our time on the front porch, not out back where the pond I put in is at.  So, anyway, I might get around to doing that since I have already spent the money quite some time ago, it was gong to go to do something else but that plan was halted with the dogs tearing everything up in the back yard.

Well, enough.

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