Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So, I purportedly have a run to Dallas today and I also have a tentative pickup of a German Shepherd.  Neither of those things are set in stone, I never really know where they are sending me until they hand me the paperwork.  The whims of the warehouse dude change from day to day and though I have done my best to work with him, he still talks a bunch of trash about me behind my back.

But then again, he talks trash about all the blue collar workers behind their backs so at least I'm not alone in that grouping.  I take that back, he also talks ghetto about the inside salesmen.  One of which has deccided he can't take the new manager's crap anymore and is seekng emloyment in greener pastures.  I watch the manager giving him hell, frequently, over minor, small issues that don't warrant anger and vitriol in terms of a reaction.  

People are going to leave sooner or later and it's all going to come down on the manager's head.  The only people that won't leave are the outside salesmen because the gravy train is very nice right now, they are making money hand over fist and they aren't going to care what kind of bs they have to put up with.  However, we are now losing customers beacuse of the manager's reputation.  Yeah, he's been around for 25 years in this business and ran the store long, long ago when - they lost business then as well.

However, per my previous statement, I have also done my best to treat him with respect and simply brush off  the frequent railings such as yesterday monring when he started in on everyone first thing Monday morning.  This gives a little more credence to the theory being floated around that his wife wears the pants in his family and that he comes to work to take it out on everyone.  Because every Monday morning? It's the same crap.  

I identified the problem in the AC last night but have to take panels off and take a look at what it's going to take to repair it.  It's obviously a clogged drain, but why is the drain clogged? I texted her - the lady that owns the house - and asked when the last time was they had the coils cleaned?  They hadn't.  They're young, they don't know alot of this stuff, I am going to make sure they learn. Especially with the AC, preventative maintenance is worth it's weight in gold.  I don't even have to call it a guess, I know the coil is going to covered with dust and dirt and whatever has accumulated in there and I really prefer a professional AC person to come in and clean it - but they want so much money to do it.  

I've watched several videos on how to do it and really, I may just have to tackle the job myself.  Vacuum it first and then there is a special foam spray you can buy at Home Depot to spray into it, let it sit in there for a while and then wash out.  But first, fix the clogged drain problem, which could be a nightmare, who knows.  I just know what it costs to have AC professionals to come out and I would rather try myself and this is a drain problem, not an AC problem.  

Well, time to go to work! 

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