Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm in dire need of a vacation. I just want to pack a bag, get on a plane and fly overseas somewhere.  Hawaii would be cool - but Ireland or Scotland might be cooler.  Been getting hit hard in the financial department, though. Addler's heart worms is going to cost a small fortune, not something eve on the scope of my thinking when I took him in there last week, but it is what it is. I got onto Skyscanner and found round trip tickets to Ireland for $449 - of course that's on their time table and it's a bit longer than I would want to stay, but still, the deals are out there.

Anyway, 1 more day of work and then off for 4.  I'm finally starting to feel better.  It's been a while, A head and chest cold followed by a severe chest cold with sore throat - sore throat lasting over 7 days.  Then food poisoning or whatever that was, it wasn't pleasant I can tell you that.

Anyway, I'm going to hopefully finish my 4 wheelers this coming weekend, not that I can take them anywhere yet, but I want them fixed and over and done with.  If that's possible of course.  Sometimes you take things apart and find more wrong with it than what you originally expected. Everyone here was going to be gone for this holiday but now they are forced to stay here for a couple of reasons One was his truck isn't reliable enough for a trip to Dallas and her plans to go wherever - another state - fell through, so they are both here as well.  I kinda hoped, actually, that they would be gone and have the place to myself.

They're nice people and everything I just need some alone time.  I'll have to figure something else out.  A trip to Phoenix out of the question, my mother has sold the house she just moved into - yes I know it's crazy stuff - and now in the middle of buying another house much more suited to her needs - and her needs are a low maintenance property.  If I had been there  when she was doing this the first time I would have told her that house she bought was FAR too big for her - actually it's the outside of it that was the maintenance issue.  Now, she's getting a place with a couple of trees and a few bits of vegetation here and there but nothing else.

Frankly? A night in a motel - a half decent one at least - would be nice.  I dunno.  I'll probably just stick around here and save the money.  But you can get a pretty decent place on Priceline or similar at one of the casino resorts over in Shreveport.  What's hilarious is that of all of those casinos and such over there, none of the hotels rate more than 3.5 stars.

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