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You Might Be A Great Dane Owner When.....

When you wake up to a giant snout licking your face.

 When you get home the first thing you do is see your doggy rofl.

 When you have a separate bed for your dog that is at least the same size as your bed.

 When you walk him down the street and you know you are going to be stopped at least once with the usual question.

When you have more pics of your Dane in your phone than anything or anyone else.

You find out your private conversations with your Dane are public knowledge - and they quote back to you what you say to your dog.

 When it's time to go to bed and the dog looks at you with longing eyes, pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee let me sleep with you?

 When you go to buy dog food and your usual purchase is 2 or more 50 pound bags of food and people are giving you the crazy look.

When dinner becomes a publicly traded commodity - with your Dane.

When sitting in your Lazy Boy and the dog comes up to you and his head is higher up than yours!

When you go to Tractor Supply and buy a flat shovel -…