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Well isn't that fancy.  She ignored 2 emails and then blocked me on the third one.  Thank you AOL for sending me a rejected email delivery telling me exactly why it was rejected - she had my email sent to spam.  That was 15 minutes ago.  I immediately sent her a text message. Either agree to me coming and getting my 4 wheeler or I will file a motion in the divorce court - for the 4 wheeler is specifically stated as my property in the paperwork - and you can explain to a judge why you are refusing to give my property back.

Well isn't that sweet. She wrote back a - nasty for her - version of a text.  So, I went further with it. My shop vac, pellet rifle, battery charger, missing pair of roller blades, drain snake and a $100 check she gave me which I didn't cash because she was broke when she took charge over the phone I bought for Nathan.  Really, if she wants to get nasty, I can go there for I am not happy about a lot of things, but I can deal with it. The idea, though, th…
I thinkI accidentally deleted an entry while I was fooling around with trying to get the Great Dane entry right.  Oh well!

I have been thinking about this one for a while now and finally decided that I did enough for her and their family, I want my ATV back.  So, I wrote her a one line message politely asking her for it back.  No reply, so the next day I wrote her a 3 sentence paragraph - still polite- but getting a little more firm.  It doesn't belong to her, she has no legal claim to it, it's written right into the divorce orders as my property before we got married.

But, once I brought that up to my landlady she went off.  Valerie's been in 3 times this week and I have been trying to avoid her at all costs!  In where she works, that is. Val has an account there that she has been trying to finish off and get over with.  Well what's up?....I don't bring her name up around here anymore as I have put her out of my head and heart and am moving forward.  Well, she say…