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Went to church today - which was good and then helped set up for a women's meeting that is going to happen today at 6.  I then finally remembered about the doggy park and it turns out it is directly across the street/loop from the church.  They have a small dog enclosure - which is very small, not even worth taking a dog into - and then there's the large dog enclosre.  It's HUGE.  I mean, a dog could run wild and free in that place.  My goal was to find out what hours it's opened and closed - no sign at all saying that.  Instead, there was a sign saying it's closed for fence repairs.

Well, the gates weren't locked up, I could have gone in there if I had wanted to.  But, I didn't have Addler with me and I just wanted to check it out before heading home.  Iwill definitely be taking him there sometine in the future - though realistically that's a Saturday or Sunday thing considering a 35 minute drive each way.  Addler gets plenty of exercise in the back y…