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I absent-mindedly put my debit card in a bag with stuff in it I got at a store and left it in there.  And threw it out.  And yes, it ended up in the landfill before I realized my mistake. Fortunately, Chase bank now has card makers at many of it's locations.  You need only go in, prove who you are and they make you a new debit card right then and there. Amazingly better than the "old" days of having to wait days for it to arrive in the mail and having to try and deal with daily life without it.  Meaning, go to the bank and carry cash around with you.

I don't much care to carry around cash, excepting maybe 20 bucks and that only because some places in Louisiana either don't take debit cards or you have to spend a minimum amount to use it.

Anyway, while I was at the bank, I was speaking with a very distinguished and very smartly dressed bank officer that was telling me all about the mountains around here, after we got into a discussion about it.  What mountains? …