Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Caleb is flying off to New Zealand on the 29th. This means that if I want to see him before he leaves, I will have to fly over to Phoenix before then. 
Airfare purchased, flying over the week before he leaves.  Round trip $119.  Not bad, but the day of the departure will be interesting. Go to work, get off, drive home, say goodbye to dog and landlords, head to Dallas and fly off to Phoenix.  3 hours from work to Dallas plus the stop at home at 30 minutes.  I could stay home longer and visit, for the flight doesn't leave until 10:45 pm but I want to show up early for any possible problems. 

Besides, I like airports, airplanes and the whole atmosphere.  I am considering getting a passport, finding whatever flights I can to anywhere worldwide and making a trip here and there just to go.  Or even just flights around the country.  You can find some pretty low priced airfare to numerous places. But, a pickup truck and a trailer and my 4 wheelers up to the nearest high coutry is just as intriguing.  

Well, anyway, airfare taken care of, parking near airport including free shuttle also a done deal, landlords will take care of the Addler, I am now working on finding travel from airport to mom's house.  She will let me use one of her vehicles while there, but - she is not confident in heavy traffic.  I have to find my own way out to her.  Bus system isn't operating that late, a shuttle is likely my best option. I know a large number of people there but I don't want to ask anyone to come drive me out there at that late of an hour.  Hmm, I could post that on my Facebook wall and see if there are any bites - but I think mom will not be happy that she couldn't do it and has to see that there.  I think I will find my own way.

Anyway, mom's 80 years old and so, good idea to go visit. Still in pretty good health, things can change rapidly in life.  I am going to try to make it out there again sometime later this year to see her.  But take a whole week off.  I'm taking 3 days off work this time around, didn't want to spend too much vacation hours this early in the year.  My new manager is making a good attempt to change his old ways and I am still responding accordingly.  So, when I came to his office today to get that written into the giant calendar behind his desk, he stopped the vendor that was visiting and took the time to write it up there and was very amenable. The stories about him making threats and assaulting one of salesmen are true - but - he has changed his ways, at least apparently.  Time will tell, but I am not hoping for his failure, I am hoping for his success.  Yes, please do thrive in your new position. 
Please do not try to make my or anyone else's life miserable  Have a new outlook on life, it's not worth it to just look at everything jaded and find no pleasures in the basic things in life.  Please.  Try. Please.

I didn't say any of that to him, of course, but those are my thoughts.  He didn't try to oppose it, in fact, when he heard me talking about seeing my son before going to New Zealand he want into a thing a flight over there. Isn't that a long flight?  Well, yes, now that you say it, it is.  It was his way, I am guessing and hoping, of trying to bridge the gaps, be a nicer person and treat employees more like family than like - what? Your worst enemy?  Never figured that out.  

So I'm psyched anyway.  Just looking at my vacation hours though.  I want some time available for this summer.  That is providing I am even still working there this summer.  I am trying to remain optimistic on the matter.  Well I have ideas for summer. Like having a pickup truck and having means to transport at least one 4 wheeler to nearest mountains - which are allegedly in Arkansas - and taking a week camping adventure with the dog and a tent.  Alone or not alone, I don't really care.  I need the mountains.  I grew up in a mountainous area, moved to a desert at the age of 10. Took frequent trips to mountains at that age and then when I had a driver's license, took almost weekly trips up north into the mountains. It isn't something that just goes away.  

So, changing the subject, I show up to work this morning.  I didn't know what I was doing.  I never do.  I am handed tickets and that is that.  Go here, go there.  Well, I go about my business but come to a point where I need to get into the "shed" they call it.  It is not a shed.  It's a metal building approximately 80 feet by 50. That's a lot of square footage to call a building a shed, but, that's Louisiana.  No-one has opened the bay doors which I thought odd, but I needed to get in there to get the banding machine out - someone mishandled a bundle of pipe - which happens quite frequently there - and broke the banding that keeps it together.  I tried and tried my key to get in there.  It would partially turn but not open the door. The driver that is now not a driver because of his last truck crash said he had tried as well. Well, I thought, get some WD-40 and see what happens.

Nothing. Well, after half of everyone trying with their own keys, everyone gives up.  I did not.  The subject comes up about the hole at the top of the building in the back.  I did not bring up the subject, but I had thought about it  The warehouse dude says well a small man would have to get through there.  This all passes and I'm stuck.  Can't band the pipe, gotta get in there. I go around and look at that hole, it's up there alright and no way to get a forklift there to lift a person up. Well, I put a 2 foot tall fitting there which just got my hands on the edge of it.  I pulled myself up there -- and I ain't saying it was easy for I am not in the shape I was 20 years ago - grunted and pulled and etc got up through that hole, onto a high shelf inside the building, climbed down some poles and walaah.  There was a group of people trying to get in and here I am opening the main bay door. Warehouse manager looking at me in bewilderment.  How you get up there? I just climbed.

You know, it was a liberating moment. I can still do that stuff.  Not as easy as in days of "old" but I got up there without any help. Umm, well, you know when you get to a certain point it's a point-of-no-return thing.  You ain't going back down the way you came up, you are gonna fall and it isn't going to be pretty. Which gets adrenaline pumping which helps you out nicely, lololol.  

Well that's enough for now.  

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