Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just gonna have to write this, even though my interest in blogging is waning.  I am just not living a very eventful life in any way, shape or form right now, there really isn't much to write about.  My views on politics and religion I have been writing in various Facebook groups and other places on the internet as well. I have pretty much just reserved my blogging for things going on in my life or things that interest me and some knowledge I may be able to give.  For example, the dog antibiotics post I wrote on here years ago still gets several hits a day.  

But, anyway, I was able to finally go and get the 4 wheeler today.  That didn't actually happen til' around 3 this afternoon.  My co-worker was called into work this morning and had to drive clear to Monroe with some pipe and fittings for a contractor in need.  Well, I needed to get started on the 4 wheeler I already have.  I put it on jacks, removed a tire and went to work trying to remove the front drive shaft to replace the u joints.  I have never in my life encountered such a stubborn, irritating situation as what that thing confronted me with.  The next door neighbor kid helping me - he has been riding the thing and I pretty much told him he would either help me fix it or he can not ride it anymore. 

There is a roll pin that hold the front yoke in place.  I had to go buy a long punch to try and get it out - but the space in there is so limited that giving a good hard hit with a hammer on the top of the punch was next to impossible.  That kid and I spent hours on it - but I finally got the thing out of there.  In days of old when I had an acetylene torch, I would have had it out of there quick.  Just heat it up good and it would have come right out.  Next, a trip to Napa to try and get a new roll pin - I thought I was going to get the driveshaft off right away and start working on getting the old u-joints out and the new ones in.

But....after taking off the tire, I found the front brake pads completely worn down and the right side tie-rod was also bad.  Which reminds me, Napa neither had the tie-rod nor could order it, I need to find one online.  Excuse this entry while I go find and order one.....yes I know that meant nothing to the reader in terms of time lost, lol, but I did go and order a whole set for the right side.  If I'm going to replace one side of the rod, I might as well replace both and for only 4 bucks more, it's a done deal.

I get started on so many rabbit trails when I am writing posts.....I ordered new brakes pads from Napa and they will be here by next weekend.  But, though they had a large selection of roll pins, they didn't have the size I needed. No biggies, I will either just punch the old one back in or find another one somewhere else.  

Back to the Polaris Magnum 500, the 4 wheeler I was working on.  Yes, we got the pin out but getting the entire driveshaft assembly? Tried for a while but didn't get that thing off of there.  After 45 minutes of trying, that's when I found out I needed to hit the road and head over to Val's place  to get the 4 wheeler - he, my co-worker, was done with the delivery.  We went over there to find the 4 wheeler - had been rolled.  I am still wondering whether that was done intentional or not.  The handl bar is smashed down - but- everything still works.  So maybe an accident that was just never mentioned to anyone by Nathan, I dunno.  There was a bit of spiting going on out there as well.  A guitar I had bought Rachael for a birthday present was out there as well as the electric little 4 wheeler I had bought the girls for a Christmas present.  My shop vac was out there but nothing else I had asked for.  

And after the way she talked to me today in texting, I won't be asking for any of it.  In fact, I don't care if I ever hear from her again.  The idea that this woman was talking to another man before we got divorced.  There are instincts that have stirred within me that I won't speak about on here.  But I won't act on them, either.  Brought back thoughts of what I used to do to people in my teen years.  I just won't allow myself to succumb to such things but the forcefulness of the emotion that arises is hard to put down.  

Well, that is done.  I could post the things she said to me today- but it would get me going again and I don't need that.  I left the guitar there - they can break the thing into pieces and throw it into the trash for all I care, but I am not going to allow them to have that kind of "satisfaction". And what kind of mom would encourage a 10 year old girl to do such a thing?  I am going to eat the cost of ending the Dish Network over there early - 2 year contract that still has 4 months left on it.  $80 to turn it off. I think they own the equipment.  I dunno, these companies change their parameters all the time.  In fact, thanks for reminding me, blog, I am going to call tonight and shut the service off - tonight.  She is ingrateful, paranoid, hateful, vengeful and holds extreme grudges.  I cannot believe the things she said to me today.  

Done deal. Dish Network is no longer a monthly bill.  It is shut off over there and I couldn't care less. I just cannot believe this woman's vindictiveness.  Her utter anger.  Her hatred towards life and those that want to enjoy it.  Yes, I am very irritated right now.  I haven't talked to her in a while and it was just unbelievable her tones towards me.  I didn't start anything, I just said I was coming to get the 4 wheeler - which she knew was happening because we talked about it in advance -  and that started it off, that was texting, btw, I won't hold a conversation with her on the phone now.  

I'm trying to take deep breathes and get this out of my system. This is the last time I will ever talk to her.  The only thing left over there is my dog buried in the ground. 

Anyway, we went to a place here called inJapan.  It's allegedly great sushi - which I have never had but have been wanting to try and my co-worker brought it up.  So we went.  Unbelievably horrific service.  I mean, it was so bad.  But I said nothing about it - maybe this situation with Val was weighing on me, I thought, and I am just irritated with everything. Better to keep my mouth shut. But, my co-worker who is a totally laid back person finally said: Horrific service. This is terrible service.

Thank you! The service sucks! I could go into a few paragraphs worth, but one example was when the waitress came up and asked if we wanted more water. Well, who asks if you want more water? just bring it, but I didn't say that.  We both said yes and she acknowledged it.  When she came back, she brought him a fresh cup and brought me - nothing.  I got up and went to the bar to get another cup, I was feeling dehydrated and definitely very thirsty.  The food was good, I'll give it that.  

Back to the house - next door neighbor kid still out there trying to get that drive shaft off of there.  I was done with that, no thanks.  Try again tomorrow. He bets I won't get it off of there with a handshake.  Okee dokee, we'll see.  Well today, he insists.  No, I'll get that thing off of there, but I ain't doing nothing on that again today.  Yes, I will figure out how to get it off of there.  

Anyway, that was my day.  After spending most of the day outside and hearing some crazy noises from Addler - he was right on the other side of the fence from where we were working on the Polaris - I am done.  If my hands hadn't been covered with grease I would have gotten that stuff on video, comical. Regardless, Valerie has a way of making me feel very unhappy.  She puts me into such a bad mood.  I can't even fathom the dude that is with her or what he will eventually go through.  


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