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Just gonna have to write this, even though my interest in blogging is waning.  I am just not living a very eventful life in any way, shape or form right now, there really isn't much to write about.  My views on politics and religion I have been writing in various Facebook groups and other places on the internet as well. I have pretty much just reserved my blogging for things going on in my life or things that interest me and some knowledge I may be able to give.  For example, the dog antibiotics post I wrote on here years ago still gets several hits a day.  
But, anyway, I was able to finally go and get the 4 wheeler today.  That didn't actually happen til' around 3 this afternoon.  My co-worker was called into work this morning and had to drive clear to Monroe with some pipe and fittings for a contractor in need.  Well, I needed to get started on the 4 wheeler I already have.  I put it on jacks, removed a tire and went to work trying to remove the front drive shaft to rep…