Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It was a tough decision, actually, to take that 4 wheeler back.  But after time passed and I continue to think about it I came to the conclusion it was the right thing to do.  I had to go over all of that in my mind again after finding out she is going around all over the place trash talking about me and saying things that are just plain garbage.  But it's whatever.

She erroneously believes that I made my decision based on other nonsense she was saying about me before all of this current episode of antics started, which simply isn't true.  I had made up my mind, I just didn't want to contact her.  I don't want to talk to her in any format, whether Facebook messaging, text messaging, phone call whatever.

Getting the thing back and finding it had been rolled and the exhaust cut off was a bit much to take.  Reading her reaction - she couldn't have cared less, didn't bother her at all-- just sealed it.  The thing still runs great but now facing having to replace the exhaust system and likely the handlebars.

The folks here are all over it, let's get a trailer and haul them things out to the open country and go riding!Of course3, things here aren't all flowers and roses, either.  My "cleaning" activities are not going over well in a strange way.  Because - when I see a dirty kitchen, I pretty much just go and clean it  up.  I don't say anything, I don't complain about it, I don't make an issue out of it, I just clean it up and that's that.  So, I did that the other day and there was some backlash.  Apparently, the lady of the house was not happy that he, the man of the house, hadn't done it when he said he would.  I had thought he was going to do it but when I came home the next day and saw the same mess there, I just went and cleaned it all up and that was that.

I mean, it's like 15 minutes and it's done.  Nothing like the disaster going on over at Val's house where it can literally take and hour and a half to clean up the mess (of which she openly states she doesn't care about).  Well, then the mother in law got involved with it - all behind my back this was giong on of which I was totally unaware, and started trash talking about me because ... why?  I cleaned up a kitchen that her son hadn't?  Here's the thing: It doesn't bother me to clean up the kitchen.  I don't care who gets the credit or whatever, it just needs to be done, is there a problem with me doing it?  Apparently so.

Well, last night's mess is still out there and will be there when I get home today and yes, I likley will clean it all up and be done with it.

Oh well.  Time for work.

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