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Well, my trip to Phoenix coming up quick.  Leaving after work on Tuessday, coming home, getting my stuff which will already be packed and taking off to Dallas in my car, get there to pre-planned parking with pre-planned shuttle to airport, get to Dallas Love field and take off to Phoenix.  The flight doesn't take off until almost 11:00 pm, so the 3 hour drive there after work plus short stopover at home - for I want to see my doggy and give him a hug and say goodbye - should be easily doable.

I'm doing it that way to save on usage of vacation hours.  Plenty of other things I want to do this year and I don't want to use them all up on this particular visit.  I would like to plan a 4 day trip over there again later on this year which would include a holiday day so I only  use up one paid vacation or floating holiday - or personal day. Memorial Day would cover such a visit, but we'll see.

General manager coming up tomorrow, allegedly, instead of the Monday arrival date or…