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Hmm. I guess I forgot to hit "send" on the airport parking and never completed the transaction.  I still found a very good deal on parking at a hotel 2 miles away and it has a free shuttle.  There isn't really anything cheap about having to fly out of this area.  You either drive 2-1/2 hours for a cheap price or you pay through the nose to fly out of a local airport.

I'll drive the 2-1/2 hours, thank you and save the $350 plus dollars.  I would have had to pay for airport parking regardless, though if it were the next city over airport landlords likely would have given me a ride.  No ill feel there.  No onto attempting to finally get this shuttle business from PHX to mom's house settled.  You know, it takes a while to find the best deals sometimes. Not always, but a lot of times you realy have to spend a bit of time perusing numerous websites before the "magic" occurs and you find the deal.

My goal was to take a free hotel shuttle to a destination near…